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I cured myself of Asperger’s using ALA chelation. It was easy with no ill effects. Then I cured my son the same way. My son caught Asperger’s from thimerosal in vaccines. I think mine was caused by amalgam fillings that contain mercury.

Foresam is lying. He is still Aspergers despite chelation. His son is not cured and his son is in fact LFA. He is in massive denial about the truth of Aspergers and is a threat to it’s understanding. It would be prudent if his comment was removed to preserve the truth. An excellent video and 100 percent accurate. I speak as a diagnosed Aspie.

The owner hasn’t signed in since before Best’s post. The video in question answers questions about Aspergers and as I said it’s 100 percent accurate. The account is run by a guy called Craig Kendall, who has a book called “The Aspergers Syndrome Survival Guide”.


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