Best’s Dark Secret – LOL

I’ve taken a break from the Autism Speaks Social Network leaving a note last night, but before I logged out I took a copy of a brilliant piece of work by Anne.

Best claimed that he’d helped the Black Panthers a long time ago to try and claim a history of supporting civil rights. This was on the thread about the letter the fool sent to Ari Ne’eman’s uni and it’s president, a man with a civil rights history and just happens to be African-American. A user called Jack wanted details, only for Best to demand his full details so he knows who he was talking to. That always leads to threats and slander to the poor person by Best as everyone who has been attacked on his blog knows only too well. And stalking (Best tried to join a couple of wrestling forums that I was active on including the now defunct All Aussie Wrestling).

When Harry picked up a picture of an African American teenager, Anne pounced with this;

Yes, and here’s the newspaper article:

Jan. 10. 1969


Black Panther leader Bobby Seale confirmed today that 15 year old John Best, Jr. has been permanently banned from the organization after he tried to rub B-Lite Fade Cream on Black Panther co-founder Hughey P. Newton. “I don’t want my skin to look ashy,” Newton told the Tribune, “but that little sucker was trying to turn me white. The next time he sees me, he better run.” The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department plans to look the other way if Newton does encounter Best. “Hughey would be doing the community a favor,” a knowledgeable member of the department said.

Reached for comment, Best admitted that he was trying to lighten Newton’s skin. “Newton’s a nitwit,” Best said. “No sane person wants to be black. The Black Panthers are frauds. If they were really black, they would let me help them out and all their problems would go away. But the Panthers are trampling on the civil rights of real black people. Real black people have the right to be white.”

Roy Wilkins, Executive Director of the NAACP, confirmed that the NAACP is aware of the young Mr. Best, and told the Tribune that Best is demanding that the NAACP sue him for slander. “Let’s just say that the boy’s driveway doesn’t quite reach the road,” Wilkins said. Edwin Willis, chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, refused to comment on Best, citing an ongoing investigation. Sources close to the Best family say that Best’s parents are considering sending him to military school.

I roared laughing when I read that! What a ripper.

Best never helped the Black Panthers. More likely he opposed them. I’ll bet he supported the Vietnam War as well. He has no concept of civil rights – except his own within his own warped world.


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