John Best’s Greatest Hits Volume 2

With apologies to Joseph from the Natural Variation blog (he was the one who provided the Web with Volume 1 and it’s on the website).

This is the Autism Speaks Social Network mix……

*Using that logic, I could round up all of the anonymous, neurodiverse liars and trace their backgrounds to some point when they might have had human qualities and did not abuse disabled children with bogus rhetoric.
*The answer is not in studies when we already knew that thimerosal caused all of this 10 years ago.
*Arguing with nitwits and liars won’t stop the next kid from having his brain mangled by vaccines.
*So, how can anyone know they have always had it since it is only caused by mercury?
*Do they discriminate against sane people?
*To imply that I ever slandered or bullied anyone is slander itself. All I do is expose propaganda.
*Don’t tell anyone but I’m considering getting an autism diagnosis so I can join ASAN and ask Ari for help.
*I did take the test twice (Autistic Spectrum Quotient) but I failed both times.
*I commented on that site to discuss Joseph’s out of contact quotes that he didn’t think were politically correct of me. Most of them were used by me in refuting propaganda.
*As such, some of the things I said to illuminate the true idiocy of the people I was arguing with do not necessarily reflect my actual views (especially when out of the context where they were originally stated).
*That’s a nice try at changing the meaning of my words to add further knowingly untrue innuendo to your character assassination.
*The fact though, Jack, is that you are the one who won’t reveal the deep, dark, secrets I ask for such as your name, why you want to know and why you are badgering me.
*Phil, You’re an alumna of ND? Does that mean they’ve thrown you out?
*I didn’t think ND’s testified against each other.
*Phil doesn’t understand that the money Pharma earns by poisoning more babies is in the lawsuits they won’t have to pay.
*So, what symptoms did you have at birth?
*Were you non-verbal at birth like me? I was also born with no friends. It was horrible to be born that way but, fortunately, I was able to excrete the mercury from my mother’s amalgams that caused me to be born with those symptoms, my autism vanished, I began to talk and I made friends. I’m sorry you weren’t able to excrete the mercury that made you autistic. Perhaps we can help now.
*Ya can’t speak for Jack, Eddie. Only Jack can speak for Jack.
*The same way everyone else with Asperger’s was (poisoned by vaccines).
*My son walked backwards when he began walking. If I had sent him to the glue factory instead of curing him, I’d have no reason to be here today to teach you the truth about how you were poisoned by vaccines.
*For ND trolls, about whom I am complaining. they would have to provide full names and reasons.
*Your question is irrelevant.
*As stated, I’m not hiding anything. What is Jack hiding is the right question?
*I’d be happy to show you why you’re wrong.
*Every parent who has already cured an autistic child has to wonder why Kirby is still hedging his bets when the race has already been declared official.
*Instead of stating what he knows to be true, that thimerosal causes autism, Kirby pretends to be engaged in a debate that is purely a contrived sham.
*Who are you? Why do you want that background information about me? Who else wants to know that information? Why is that simple question about something I did 40 years ago so important to you that you are now badgering me about it?
*Einstein was not autistic. Genuises do not stagnate at a two year old developmental level.
*One can correlate this study with thoroughbred breeding.
*Following your logic, we should have one million parents filing lawsuits against DAN doctors for killing our kids by curing them.
*I will always belong to the vast majority of sane and decent parents who help disabled children.
*Last time I checked, there were 130 people signed up who would admit to being supportive of Ari Ne’eman. Since there are a million parents of a half million autistic kids in the USA, that means the other 999,870 parents support my position that Ne’eman and ASAN are an evil group of scoundrels who are trying to abuse our children.
*My issues are the same issues that confront millions of parents of autistic children, you know, the real autistics who are helpless and don’t earn PhD’s.
*Young Ari thinks he’s bright enough to fool all of those parents so he can bury their children and help Pharma look good. Pretty soon, he will be on the same dung heap where we tossed Amanda Baggs.
*Some autism is caused by phoney advocacy organizations recruiting liars to obfuscate the definition of low functioning autism.
*I have published studies on this but, as yet, there is no cure for pathological lying.
*The fact that they don’t sue me means that they know they will lose if they try.
*If you ever become as much of a threat to our nation as Mr Ne’eman is, I will be happy to point out why you are a threat too.
*Who hired you to ask that question?
*While Ne’eman pretends to be a strong advocate for “autistic adults”, he is using that phoney advocacy to trample on the rights of severely vaccine damaged people.
*Ne’eman’s mission is the same as Neurodiversity’s, prevent anyone from curing autism to benefit the drug companies.
*Would they also add points if the FTC disbands the ASAN sham charity that is designed to abuse low functioning autistic people?
*When you become well enough to leave the Autism Hub of Insanity and get deprogrammed from the cult brainwashing, we’ll talk.
*Establishing the meaning of autism versus Asperger’s is not hatred, Bill.
*Ari is trying to fool society into thinking there is no difference between feces smearing, mentally retarded kids and PhD’s. Ari is not being honest.
*That’s the problem with the Neurodiversity Manual. It gives you lots of trick plays but it doesn’t provide escape mechanisms when you get caught.
*The fact that you are trying character assassination on me instead of him though, tells me you fear me a lot more.
*I did help the Black Panthers in the 1960’s.

I’ll add more when I’ve got time to return to the Autism Speaks Social Network.


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