– Taking the fight to him

After I added the comment referenced in my reply on the Hating Autism Response Blog, Best followed up with this;

Timelord is an escaped mental patient from Australia named {ME}. Please find a way to keep foreigners out of USA affairs.

I got that while collecting a copy of my comment, and I responded thus;

This is a common answer from Mr Best. If anyone disagrees with him, that individual is crazy. Autism is a worldwide issue and Mr Best seeks to be xenophobic about it. It’s a candid demonstration of his true mindset that I am sure the Obama administration would reject. Relations between the President and our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd are extremely important and form an essential back drop to the Autism situation.

I could have been a lot ruder there, but on this site it’s needed to be diplomatic. Best can’t help himself and he’s digging himself a bigger grave.

I’m quite happy for the Obama admin to look me up. They’ll see my section on Best and realise that he’s an obsessed fruitcake who has made major errors based in neglect with his son and a history of bullying and slander – and not just against me either.

Thank you for naming me, Mr Best. You’ve done me a favour, and you’ve shot yourself in the foot and badly. Serves you right.


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