Best falls for the April Fool’s joke

As noted on Phil’s World in the personal updates area, I played an April Fool’s Day joke aimed at Best. I uploaded a personal update on the morning of April 1 announcing that I’d got a court order to shut down his blog and I’d just registered it in the United States. I then made the announcement on the Autism Speaks Social Network linking to the update but adding for the benefit of Best (who has been IPed denied from Phil’s World) the following;

And for the benefit of Best who won’t be able to see it because I’ve IP denied him from my website, Google is about to get a court order telling them to take your site down as a hate blog. Fax to be sent now – original on it’s way from their local court in California. You shouldn’t have touched my forum on you, Best!

Best proved he fell for it when he uttered this in response;

Have you been drinking? What court is it that issues orders denying Americans their 1st amendment rights? What forum are you talking about?

I laughed when I read that. He fell for it! Anyway, should I really get the order – it would be an Australian court making the order. So the first amendment wouldn’t apply. As for the lie about not knowing what forum I was talking about….I addressed both points in reply.

Google has been ordered to uphold their terms of service. I have proved that your blog is a hate blog, which is against their TOS.

And you know what forum I’m talking about. The one where you claimed I’d breached your so called copyright.

Best responded by trying to deny he knew about the forum;

You can’t prove anything on your own wacky say so. Why don’t you send me the link to your forum so I know what you’re talking about? How would I see it if you blocked my address?

Eddie – who was a member of the forum – got in first pointing out that he wasn’t blocked from the forum. I’d made it clear in the rules of the forum to that effect and he knew it. Besides, I can prove easily that Hating Autism is a hate site. I can also prove Best knew about the forum because I can get the message Pro Boards received passed on for evidence. My last post before I went to sleep on the evening of April 1 was this;

Best, you’re a liar. Like Eddie said, you were never blocked from the forum. You knew about it. You even threatened me over it on my comments area. I can prove that your blog is a hate blog, and Google (under their terms of service) do not host such blogs. It’s a shame that they have to get a court order to make them uphold their TOS in that manner, but that’s a moot point now! HAH!

The following morning, I changed the update on Phil’s World to it’s present state. I then went onto the Social Network and made the appropriate changes. I then locked off the thread, which as the thread creator I was able to do. I’d achieved my purpose.

But once I find a way to get it done in the Supreme Court here, I will be going ahead legit. I just need to learn how to do it. There are no guides unlike with the County Court. That will take time that at present I don’t have.


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