Autism Speaks Social Network Part 2

As of this moment, any attempt by Best to try and bait me on the Network will be responded to here and not on the Network. My intention now is to help and educate others (except for Katie Hagan until she learns how to be polite towards me instead of rude – as well as others). I have linked this forum to the Network via my user page there and whenever an issue arises I’ll direct readers to there and they can read here.

To kick things off – after I wasn’t on the Network from Friday night until Sunday night due to the footy – Droopy was kicked out. She deserved it, and as Autism Speaks themselves advised she simply would not adhere to the TOS despite a direct warning. Best started a protest thread and it was with this message that they locked it. I was going to put an allegation response post there, but I didn’t address everything on it (and I decided not to upload it anyway). I’ll do that here;

It’s a sad state of affairs when an autistic woman who spent 20 years in an institution is thrown out of an autism forum because she is attacked by propaganda spewing liars who want to deny her existence.

Deny her what? Of course she exists, you moron! She did all the attacking and in the finish No to JB got it right saying she was chasing me. That’s why I made multiple reports (which ended up getting me into trouble as I observed in my allegation response post.

I wonder, if given a choice, how many people here would have voted to throw Timelord and his sockpuppets out instead so that rational discourse could take place without them.

If we want to talk about “rational discourse” Best should be out on his ear. He’s the one preventing it – not me, or any so-called sock puppets.

All I can say is that Timelord should have been ordered to leave her alone

Why should I when she was attacking me?

People like me who have cured children with autism tried to help you.

You have cured no one, Best, and neither has anyone else. Fact.

If Droopy can’t come back here, we will bring her words because what she has to say is very important.

No it’s not, because it’s all fantasy. Droopy’s words are those of an Autistic woman who still needs help to cope with the real world, and stop being so incredibly paranoid. If it wasn’t for the fact that the place is not appropriate at this point – I’d be sending her back to the institution for her own good.

She survived the worst nightmare we all have for our kids, being institutionalized, and lived to talk about it. I don’t believe there is another autistic person who has been able to do that.

Amanda did. But of course Best calls her a fraud.

She is someone you should treat with respect and listen to. She is not someone you should argue with.

The only reason Best says this about Droopy is because she represents all that is bad about Autism – and that’s what Best wants. To promote Autism as a bad thing. That is not someone you should respect or listen to. It is someone who should be challenged, which is what I have done.

Talking about someone like that when they can’t defend themselves is crass and cowardly.

Oh what a hypocrite! When I try to defend myself on his blog, Best mods it out! By his own definition, that is crass and cowardly! So he has no right to bleat about my forum here and copyright issues because he brought this on himself!

Defending herself against vicious trolls does not make Droopy a bully.

It does when the response is completely over the top and thoroughly abusive.

You should treat her with respect. She’s earned it.

Earned what? She has earned nothing – except a reputation for being a troublemaker and a careless twit.

This thread is about an injustice to an autistic woman.

There was no injustice to Droopy. She got what she deserved.

The ND’s really look silly siding with Timelord here. But, they aren’t actually siding with him, are they? No, they just showed up for more Droopy bashing. Why are they so afraid of her?

They were siding with me in the sense that the correct decision was made to ban Droopy and not me. I’ll tell you what is feared – Droopy solidifying all the wrong stereotypes and halting the correct treatment and support processes for those on the Spectrum. Allowing the promotion of a fantasy world as real 100 percent (that’s scary within itself). The list goes on. Of course Best tries to use his hatred and fear of me to add to his own resolve.

Droopy’s not causing any trouble but the people who are afraid of her are certainly fighting hard to derail the thread.

This was in response to Eddie observing that even in her absence, Droopy was still causing trouble. And he was right although the real troublemaker here was Best. The thread wasn’t derailed. Several people were having a go at Droopy and I thanked them for that in the allegation response thread.

But, every time the subject of vaccines or curing autism comes up, some neuroinsane person also shows up to bash treatments that help children. If they don’t know the right argument to use to bash the treatments, they just use character assassination against the people who try to help children.

We know the right arguments, idiot! You’re the one who engages in character assassination. The treatments Best promotes do not help all children – only those with heavy metal poisoning.

The mod’s here should identify all of them and send them back to Wrong Planet where they can’t bother any parents. then there would be no stupid arguments.

Yes there would, Best, because YOU are the argument starter. Even with parents on the Network, like Fightin4Charlie and Adam’s Granny. And there are bound to be others as well.

Some more bogus autistics showed up and cried to the moderator and the whole thread exposing her was deleted. Crying seems to work very well for dishonest ND’s.

This was about Age and something that happened on the Autistic Living forum. We don’t cry – we tell the truth about matters, with proof. Truth hurts people like Best.

How is reporting that someone exposed her as a fraud “bashing” her? Where I come from, that is merely a statement of fact.

It’s bashing her, Best, because your supposed exposure was in fact the real fraud. So much for your so called statement of fact.

Do you think I want to invite more bogus autistics to a forum that is not already swamped with sockpuppets and disruptive pests?

There is only one disruptive pest on the Network now, Best – and that’s you.

How fast would Alex Plank throw anyone out of Wacko Planet for telling the truth?

You don’t tell the truth, Best, so that’s a moot point.

No, sane people are not allowed to expose any of the frauds from Wacko Planet.

No sane person would attack anyone on the Spectrum on the basis of a supposed fraud without hard psychologically backed evidence. Of which Best has none about anyone he accuses of it.

I berlieve Droopy.

You believe a paranoid woman who is unable to function properly in the real world and won’t get help for that. You believe in the stereotype. You believe in the pessimism attached. John Best Junior, you yourself live in a fantasy world and it’s time to come out and put it in it’s place.


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