Autism Speaks Social Network Part 3

With all the foolishness going and the fact that I spent two hours on the morning of Easter Monday fighting with people, I decided to take a break from the Network completely – along with the fact that Katie Hagan was pestering me for help and wouldn’t get the message about the trouble she was causing me. However it’s only from posting and I am continuing to monitor Best – and here’s his latest crap.

When are you going to apologize to Droopy for hating her?

Never. Or at least not until she apologises unreservedly to me for the BS she spouted, she stops accusing Amanda of copying her life and she has the guts to stop pushing her fantasy world down the throats of the rest of us.

Will someone explain to Atwood that testosterone increases the potency of mercury while estrogen diminishes it?

What on earth? I’ve never read so much nonsense in all my life! Where are the verified studies that prove that, you idiot?

The issue is that Droopy was relentlessly and mercilessly harassed by Neurodiversity because she exposed the truth about their fraudulent spokesmodel, Amanda Baggs.

Droopy has been relentlessly and mercilessly harassing Amanda and whoever agrees with her since early 2007, so she gets what she deserves for THAT fraud!

Exposing Baggs as a fraud exposed all of her supporters as frauds. That includes the entire membership of the cult of Neurodiversity.

Best hasn’t done anything of the sort. Those who really know Amanda know that she is not a fraud. I know more about her than either Best or Droopy. And Dave and Kathy Seidel know more about Amanda than I do. Best is the fraud, when it comes to his BS.

I don’t think you fully understand the situation. ND’s premise is to prevent anyone from curing autism through devious propaganda,

No, Best, you are the one who doesn’t understand. You are the propaganda merchant because there is no cure.

As was evidenced here, ND did not recognize Droopy’s rights to expose the fraudulent nature of Neurodiversity. When they abused an autistic woman, they exposed themselves as liars.

No one has the right to lie. Droopy lied. She was the one promoting the fraud and when she refused to accept this and in doing so was abusive about it – it was dished right back. Again, as she deserved.

Every parent favors rights and non-discrimination for their children.

You don’t, Best.

The fact of the matter is that children who can not speak, read, write, toilet themselves or do anything resembling normal behavior are severely disabled by anyone’s definition. For Neurodiversity to claim that anyone should celebrate this disability is insane. For them to take a position against curing it is equally insane.

This is Best’s whole problem. He seeks normal – when there’s no such thing. What we celebrate is the difference in the human mind. We do NOT celebrate the worst cases of LFA. We support helping them. But we want it done RIGHT. And seeking a cure is doing it WRONG. To support the wrong method of treatment is what’s insane, and that’s what Best does – supports the wrong treatment.

The fraudulent nature of Neurodiversity is not a “belief”, it is a “fact”. There are no philosophical ideals here. There is only devious propaganda and Amanda Baggs’ fraud has been a large and public part of that deception.

Best wants to believe this because it justifies his behaviour. The reality is that what he says is not fact. Brain difference is fact. Best is deceiving himself by going down this line – and in the process continuing to neglect his son.

I won’t quote him, but Best made an observation about Vitamin C. Vitamin deficiencies can be common in Autistics especially when there’s a sensory sensitivity issue in the sense of taste. This is something I can talk about personally because this is one of my issues. I never did get around to seeing if I wasn’t getting enough of certain vitamins. I know I’m okay with C though. I eat tropical fruit. I drink OJ and other juices (especially apple juice).

Best also suggested the mercury group to Fightin4Charlie. I hope she gets back to me because that is bad advice.

I watched Neurodiversity begin, watched them plot their attack and watched them plan how to use their propaganda. Nothing they say about the cause or cure for autism is true…NOTHING. They are an agenda driven group who is completely against helping any person on the autism spectrum in any way. You have to sort through their lies and half-truths to see this.

Best only says this because as far as he’s concerned, he has the answer and the only answer. And he doesn’t so naturally we fight him and he tries desperately to discredit us with this baseless drivel.

These reports of medical malpractice have nothing in common with safe chelation.

But how many doctors know what safe chelation is, Best? And more importantly – when to use it and when NOT to use it!

Thanks for joining in. This seems to be a positive step towards all of the genuine people here being on the same page.

I think it’s pretty clear who the fools are. The ones who have fallen for Droopy’s BS. They don’t know a dangerous little minx who doesn’t know what the real truth about herself when they see one – such is the extent of her fantasy world. This proves that Katie Hagan (who joined in the protest using Droopy’s avatar) can not be trusted at all. I’m glad I ditched her and IP denied her from this website.


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