Autism Speaks Social Network Part 4

Best’s posts have dried up somewhat since I stopped posting. Interesting! But he is still about. It’s likely that he is taking the time to engage me on the Cube Demon blog. I should keep the attack up there to keep him distracted. Meanwhile;

Asking the authorities to stop bullying never works. If a kid can’t fight for himself and doesn’t have friends to help him, paid protection is the only thing that works. The bullies need to beaten senseless to get the message.

What a lot of rubbish! Remember that this is from a fool who teaches his Autistic son to fight. This man believes that physical violence is an option for school yards. The man in the street says it’s not and rightly so.

Does this mean you won’t join us to protest this abuse of an autistic person?

This was directed at Jack – who by the way has mocked the membership’s use of the Droopy avatar with an avatar of Droopy the cartoon character. Jack is doing the right thing not supporting an abusive fool like Droopy the person.

You have a much better chance of being responsible for your child’s death if chelation is indicated and you don’t do it.

You didn’t do it for between four and seven years, Best!! Besides, chelation is only indicated if there’s a genuine heavy metal issue – and that’s all!

Since {ME} does not have autism, he has no business taking offense at anything to do with autism.

I am on the Autistic Spectrum – which is the same thing. Best has no business diagnosing me and this post will be reported as abuse, and also because of this;

He has never contributed one useful thought anywhere on this board. All he has ever done is to call people liars and disrupt intelligent conversation, himself and with his sockpuppets.

Best has not checked all of my posts and Autism Speaks knows this. Best is the one who doesn’t contribute anything useful. His personal bias against me is showing because as far as he’s concerned anyone who opposes him is incapable of useful thought.

When will you stop believeing the propaganda?

The story above is all the science we need, the studies you refer to are propaganda.

Best promotes propaganda – pure and simple. One story (unverified by the way) does not make science. Best only said this because the story agreed with his view. For the record – I believe Nathan (the boy in the story) to be Aspergers at present.

Wrong, it’s not about Timelord and his dx. It’s about his constant abuse of anyone he is opposed to. Name calling, derailing threads, lecturing people and using his sockpuppets to generally disrupt anything he does not like.

This goes back the post I reported, and this one was included in the report as well. It IS about me. It’s ALL about me purely because of his belief in the non existent sock puppets.

One can only ignore so much of his incessant nonsense. Droopy did not deserve to be attacked by him the way she was. He and all of his childish sockpuppets should have been thrown out a long time ago.

Droopy deserved everything she got. If anyone should have been thrown out a long time ago it’s Best.

If I used the report button with Timelord and his sockpuppets, I’d be using it after every comment I make.

Which indicates he thinks that Sophie, Eddie, GrandmaC, Katie and Jack are sock puppets of me. Amongst others.

The man is a pathetic piece of toxic waste that needs to be safely disposed of.


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