Best banned from the Social Network!

Last night (Friday) I spied a disgusting post about Ari Ne’eman, blatantly accusing him of not being Autistic and being a fraud. I had no hesitation in reporting the post – and apologised at the same time for making another report within 24 hours (as indicated in the last posting here I reported two posts of his).

I came home from the football today and checked my email – and was informed that there was a comment waiting for me on the Network by No to JB. I went in and it was a note that Best had been banned from the Network!!


Serves him right and I said so in a responding comment to No to JB. I am in no doubt that my reporting of the post about Ari is what caused his expulsion. So now that both Best and Droopy are gone, things may improve in there.

However – on a sour note, Autism is Reversible is starting to be a pain now by pushing Katie into wanting a cure just because she has external issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with Autism. I left a comment for the twit rather than post and left it at that. Oh and the twit also called Ari names, but at least the “fraud” word wasn’t there!

I should check in to the one forum Best is a member of that I never have been – Autistic Living – and see if there’s a whine there. But I don’t have time at present. I’ve made a comment to the effect of it on Cube Demon’s blog so there’s bound to be a reaction there when I next check in tommorrow night.


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