How childish can you get?

Best has taken his banning from the Autism Speak Social Network badly. So badly he decided to set up an account at the Network in my name! Under the name “Phil Gluyas” he made the following statement – and if he was going to impersonate me you’d think he’d learn how to spell;

I hereby apologize for being a jackass and complaining about Droopy and John Best.

They are wonderful people in the autism community and it was my job to harass them. That was my assignment from Neurodiversity.

Yes, I was paid to act like a mental case and disrupt discussions about autism. I have now seen the error of my ways and quit that job. I’m sorry for all the damage I caused.

We don’t spell “apologise” with a “z”, idiot! I do not have a job to do anything. I tell the truth about the Autistic Spectrum and oppose the real mental cases. People like Best.

Jack naturally knew straight away it wasn’t me. Even Grandma C knew it, and even Rick Neubrander knew the account was going to get the flick. Autism is Reversible found it funny – which was a stupid thing to say about impersonation, and Best pounced on it;

It’s no joke. All of us here who argue against parents are paid by Pharma. It was hard work to act as stupid as the character “Timelord”. I sincerely want to apologize for my part in this propaganda.

Sincerely? I’ll give you a great example of sincere. Bill Clinton – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Yeah – really sincere, Best! Then Wendy/Rvrkings44 agreed with AIR before more junk from him;

Neurodiversity dreams up the characters here and tells us which ones to use. The guy that plays Margaret most of the time is a retired janitor. We just follow a script from Neurodiversity that tells us how to be disruptive.

If anyone follows a script on how to be disruptive – it’s Best. That stupid remark about Margaret rightly got ignored by her.

I won’t be using the “Timelord” character anymore but I expect someone else will turn him on and try to deny this. We take turns using different characters so they don’t get too stale from always saying the same things. That guy that plays Margaret though, he drinks a lot and just uses the same dumb phrases over and over. I expect they’ll fire him soon.

I’ve already messaged a few people to prove that I’m still around. Frankly this was probably an attempt to bait me into posting, which of course didn’t work. I’ll ignore the cheap shot against Margaret.

Neurodiversity sends us newsletters every week giving us new arguments that the people in the office make up. The pay’s great too but I’m just sick of lying to people. I felt really bad about picking on Droopy when I found out she was really autistic.

Aside from the fact that I never questioned Droopy’s Autistic status…..what newsletter? He has the temerity to talk about lying in this impersonation when he is the biggest liar of the lot! I don’t feel bad about having a go at Droopy at all. She had a go at me in a way that was unacceptable and I felt obliged to defend myself. Simple.

Someone else spoke of a “non-disclosure agreement” (which I think was a jibe back at Best) and this was his response;

I don’t care about your agreement, Frank. These people need to know the truth about you.

Presumably the user concerned is on our side.

There was more nonsense from the other side with another person complaining about not getting a Big Mac and leaving “ND” as a result. Stupidity at it’s finest and won’t teach anyone anything about Autism or Neurodiversity. Then Autism Diva came on and asked “me” to call her (that caused a PM to her to tell her what was going on) and Best retorted;

Shut up Diva. I don’t work for you now.

At the time of creating this article, someone else claiming to know me had joined – and is in Victoria. Hopefully I’ll soon know. I’ve recorded the posts and I will be considering my options legally.


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