Hit me with your “best” shot

When I reported the FBI post to the FBI on the night of Sunday April 19, I had no idea they would be so gullible. Although I will say that I can’t confirm what I believe happened.

For a start – here is what I said in the Crime Tip section of the FBI website;

I draw your attention to the following entry on a blog that I have reported to you before. In it the blog owner encourages contacting you to force you to arrest Congress for poisoning babies with vaccines.

* Link removed *

This man is a threat to himself, such is his delusional behaviour and continues the line I previously reported to you talking about a military coup. It is my view that he has been unhinged by the desperation he has trying to cure his son and won’t accept the condition as being there for life. I am making efforts to have the blog removed for other reasons, but in real life off the Internet I truly believe this man to be extremely dangerous and should be sent to a psychiatric hospital for an evaluation urgently.

The link was to the FBI post reproduced on the HARB.

I figured that would be the end of it, but I can only assume that Best got a visit from the FBI as a result of this tip. The fact that the post is still there at this point can only mean that Best convinced them that it was a joke. Not only that I suspect that he claimed that I was slandering him and he wanted my address for civil action.

And the FBI coughed it up.

Next thing I knew, Best had pasted it onto Cube Demon’s blog. I was quick to email him to alert him to the problem and meanwhile according to Cube Demon he repeated the process over a number of posts. He removed all of them and enacted comment moderation to stop him from doing it again. I enacted it on the Response Blog for a period, after removing one posting from there – and subsequently he threw on four more posts. Two of them were repeats on my address again, but the other two were clear if direct threats;

Hello Shithead, How many places do you think I can post your address?


Phil, you (beep!)ing mental case, is there anyone you’d like me to give your address to?

This was blackmail without a doubt and I went back to the FBI site and went to the Internet Crime section to report it. I needed to say something to them because they had given my address to a lunatic who had no intention of using it honourably. Here is what I said to them;

I filled in a Crime Tip to the FBI in the evening of Sunday April 19 (my time – Australian Eastern Standard Time) reporting Mr Best for an entry on his website asking people to report Congress to you for poisoning babies into Autism and arrest them. I advised that Mr Best was dangerous and some action needed to be taken. However it appears that you may have passed on my personal details to Mr Best when investigating my tip off – and Mr Best has proceeded to try and publish my home address on at least two other websites. He also threatened to show it on other websites also, and I have retained the threat in a formatted form and I can also print it up for paper presentation. This represents a privacy breach and an attempt by Mr Best to silence me about him through blackmail. He should never have been given my address and the circumstances that he got my address needs to be looked into. It is possible that he may have claimed he needed it in order to take civil action against me. He has lied to you. He couldn’t sue me because he knows I can easily defend any defamation charges. He took the address to simply blackmail me. Please act as soon as you can.

I’m hoping at this point that Best is bluffing, figuring that Cube Demon wouldn’t co-operate and knowing that I wouldn’t. I also made a courtesy visit to my local cop shop to let them know what was happening just in case the FBI got in touch with them.

I clearly need a quick education in the difference between evidence and pleadings (along with the rest of the Supreme Court procedures) so I can take this idiot out. But where can I get it? That’s the problem.


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