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It truly is amazing just how stupid John Best Junior can be. He is showing his complete lack of sense on Cube Demon’s blog – aside from his vitriol aimed at me which of course I have been responding to there. Here are some examples of his ridiculous behaviour;

Mental cases who earn degrees in their 40’s are never legigimate sources for anything.

Why? A degree is a degree no matter how old you are when you earn it!!

These people were much too stupid to complete their schooling at a normal age and are allowed to have a degree only because the schools want their money.

Oh so people aren’t allowed to update their knowledge and keep up with the times? Tex made that observation except he referred to skills – and he would know because after he quit law he went back to university and got a degree in finance! There is no “normal” age for completing school just like there is no normal for anything else.

These morons then like to try to impress people by listing their degrees which is something that educated people do not do.

Oh yes they do! And with pride!

Do all college kids in the UK write BA Pending after their names? If you did that here, it would be the same as writing “nitwit”.

More cultural bigotry for our favourite xenophobe. For a start, there aren’t colleges in the UK! They have universities – something that Best wishes he’d seen the inside of as a student. Not only that, why would it be stupid to do something like that if for example they were promoting future work? Best is showing a very narrow view of life with these two sentences alone.

This type of personal assault is all in a days work for Neuroinsanity. Your pals do stuff like this all the time. That’s why I’m always happy to return the favor whenever I find personal information about any of you assholes.

Excuse us, Best – but you are the one who engages in personal assaults. First and foremost. We are reacting to you – not the other way around.

A truly stupid thing to do is to label a normal little girl as “brain damaged” or “Asperger’s” before she is old enough to be dx’d by any competent professional.

A competent professional would pick up an Autistic Spectrum condition of any sort good and early. Best wouldn’t know one if it fell over him.

I get senior discounts now without having to ask for them and I can play from the senior tees legitimately. That makes me a senior citizen.

No it doesn’t – it makes you a crook and a swindler. A criminal in other words.

I’m an ex altar boy. Don’t try to tell me my religion.

We’ll do whatever we want with the real world as against right wing religious lunacy as represented by John Best Junior.

Probably more to come……


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