John Best Junior’s failings

This post is from an idea from Cube Demons to list all the failures in Best’s life. So here we go.

  1. Has not cured the Autism in his son (that’s impossible of course but anyway)
  2. Is regarded as a lunatic by every politician in New Hampshire and by the FBI
  3. Did not stop CNN from promoting the true story of Amanda Baggs
  4. Had his lawsuit shifted to the Vaccine Court when he tried to sue the pharmaceutical companies
  5. Has been banned from at least four forums, at least six blogs and at least one Yahoo group (numbers can be updated)
  6. Makes a living out of gambling on the horses
  7. Won’t go to college to upgrade his education (whatever it is he has to begin with)
  8. Hasn’t fully followed up on psychological therapy for his son
  9. Hasn’t had himself checked for Aspergers Syndrome
  10. Won’t take me to court for “slandering” him
  11. Constantly putting his own home address whenever he feels like it
  12. Follows the teachings of Adolf Hitler
  13. Expects to be allowed to uphold his military oath and push for a military coup
  14. Couldn’t get a job with the New Hampshire Development Disability Council
  15. Was kicked out of Generation Rescue – an ally!
  16. Slandering every single person who is against him (too many to list)

Probably more to come……


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