Deletion Frenzy

Best simply does not know when to stop.

Even when he is forced to delete posts.

In the last few days, no less than five posts have disappeared from his blog. They have all been retained here of course and the comments remain on the Response blog. Three of them are related to Rima Laibow and that group that Best was kicked out of. The other two – one of them related to that bogus warning about foreign troops visiting the US while the other was the one about Andrew Moulden’s Facebook group.

The moral of this should be – never put those posts up to begin with about these people or these subjects, Best! But you just don’t get the message do you?

I should also grab this quote from someone called Marc on another Facebook group;

I may as well mention he has made death threats against autistic self-advocates and autistic rights activists for daring to demand equality and civil rights. Let’s just say some of us are a bit uneasy about attending conferences in New Hampshire as a result (not enough to skip them, of course).

There you go! All the more reason to have his Net presence snipped!


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