Best banned from another blog!

When will Best learn? Probably never!

The Autistic Bitch from Hell has had enough. She’d had a gut full – and I don’t blame her. She has banned Best from her blog after Best’s latest tirade against me and David Andrews. In amongst that I used a part of the DSM-IV to diagnose Best on the Spectrum, but David disagreed because he believed that Best fulfilled the criteria of other disorders. David has the qualifications and I’m not going to dispute his point of view – the bottom line after all is that Best is not a “regular guy” like he thinks he is.

Anyway – Best made the following comment;

Unlike you, I live life. I don’t stand on the sideline. Where you referee games, I played in them. If you had reffed hockey games, I guarantee someone would have shot a puck at your head. It probably would have happened in many games. Nitwits like you could never last in any real sport or in any aspect of real life.

All you’re capable of is sitting at your computer and writing gibberish. While people like me solve the mysteries of autism, you sit there like a lummox whining about your lousy life. If my kid’s like you when he’s 40 years old, I’ll be slapping him in the head and telling him to act like a man. That’s what your jackass of an old man should be doing to help you.

I missed the reference to the sidelines. That’s what gridiron umpires do. Australian football umpires are out in the middle with the players. I’ll also say that if he slapped his son on the back of the head for being like me, Sam will belt him right back – with interest. Remember that Best has taught his son to fight. Not only that – when Sam is 40, Best will be 80 something. But as far as “I live life” is concerned, my reply on the blog said it all;

And a sheltered one with little real experience in the world it is as well. Did you play for 19 seasons? Did you participate in any games where a championship was at stake (we call them premierships here).

You’re the one who isn’t lasting in real life. Your failure as a father is proof of that. You only call what I say gibberish to try and deflect the truth. Put us before a court of law – and by the end of it I’ll come out squeaky clean and you’ll come out a bigger liar than Baron Muchausen and a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold.

And all I’ll need to provide is the truth.

Something you have no concept of such is your LACK of understanding of real life.

Best’s response was so rude it was removed by ABFH. But not before Bill/Mr Fix It collected it;

What championships did you PLAY in? I played in playoff games, won and lost. All you did was ref. A sissy game game like Aussie football and you were too chicken to try to play.

Your father is the one who’s a failure, Phil. He raised you to be a sissy and is too stupid now to lock you up for your own good and force a cure on you. My son is much better because I’m a decent father.

Your old man quit on you. I’m sure he’s embarassed by you, probably wouldn’t be seen talking to you in public. I’ll bet he’s ashamed that he raised a 40 year old psychopath who lusts after 16 year old girls.

If I ever wind up in court with you, Phil, you’ll be led away by the men in the white coats.

Bill got in first with this in defence of real football;

Mr Best, our football is far tougher than yours. We don’t wear padding or any other sort of protection. Umpires need to run and run a great deal in our game. Umpires in your game are lazy. Umpiring any sport is a very difficult pursuit. Do you have the courage to attempt it?

Gridiron is for sissies. Australian football is for men.

I posted a reply to Bill first, disagreeing that gridiron was a sissy game (that’s soccer). Gridiron is a game similar to rugby league – it’s for thugs without a brain. Bill suggested on the Phil’s World forum that Best has never seen a game of Australian footy and I agree. As far as my reply to Best was concerned it was deleted before I could record it.

I tried to play it. I couldn’t. I’m an Aspie and my hand to eye co-ordination wasn’t up to it. This is why Best couldn’t play it either. I don’t believe for one second he played gridiron. He couldn’t have played for championships anyway – except maybe at school. Remember – he was in the military for a long time. As far as my father is concerned, that was disgusting and wrong. My father is bloody proud of me and is aware of Best and thinks he’s an idiot. I could probably play gridiron if I wanted to – it’s a lot easier that real football. But I don’t play sport with thugs. My strength is in the mind, and that’s where it belongs – a strength that Best can only dream of.

I warned Best again about the 16 year old girl remark, and I asked ABFH to remove any future remarks of this nature. Her banning of Best made this unnecessary.


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