He’s running scared now!

I’ve just been going back to see how many posts Best has deleted from his blog to alter the coding on my website forum – and WOW! I’ve got him running for it!

The legal action that he now knows about has caused him to delete a huge amount of material! This includes almost all of the recent stuff about Amanda Baggs, Ari Ne’eman and most importantly the posts that mentioned my name! Such as the one in April threatening to call the AFL to stop me from umpiring! There are only four original posts that mention my name now, but four of the ones that have been deleted did get shifted over to the blog named after me.

Well, Best, TOO LATE!!

I’ve already got the evidence saved, and that April post has been printed as well.

For someone who was so confident in shrugging off the threat to his blog, he seems to be very keen suddenly to protect himself. I can also prove that he hides posts, as there’s an April posting about Andrew Moulden that I never saw before.

There is no doubt that the knowledge of the legal action did something that I know Best can’t handle. It took control of the situation away from him. So this is his way of trying to take it back again.



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