Owned on You Tube

I finally got around to checking in to the comments on the disgraceful “I am Autism” video from Autism Speaks because Best has been in there. And it’s just more of the same. One person – who has since closed his account – found my two videos about him, and Best hit the stupid button again by slandering me thus;

Fenric 65 is Phil Gluyas, a severely deranged Aussie in his 40’s who lusts after teenage girls and has had problems with teenage boys. He’s a sissy like you who likes to threaten people with legal action.

The reference to Kurai-Gaka for starters (and remember that caused a visit from the police) and the misleading swipe at Ayling and Joeker. Best doesn’t know the full detail of Ayling’s antics and all I need to do is produce the order that restrained him.

But Best has been completely owned by that person – who went by the screen name of Whoistosay1. Here are some terrific examples of his work;

You (the expert in the field of psychology that you are) told me that I have diminished mental capacities because I disagreed with your view on autism. Since you also said I carry guns and need to take meds, I wanted to clarify if that also related to our differing viewpoints on autism. You had no comment. In addition to an AS diagnosis, if I had the power, I would also note that you suffer from delusions of reference.

Along with delusions of granduer!

I didn’t say you have Asperger’s. I said your behavior is suggestive of it. Black and white thinking, grandiosity, feelings of superiority over others, being devoted to a single cause (as you are), not being sensitive to others, not being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes, lack of empathy, etc. It’s pretty easy to see and I’m sure others would concur with me.

I knew this ages ago!

We all have impairments in certain areas, even geniuses do. For you to say that suggests black and white thinking.

Nobody’s perfect, in other words.

He thinks that calling parents’ autistic children “pathetic morons” will have them lining up in droves to support his cause. If that’s not a deficit in theory of mind, I don’t know what is.


If you are the epitome of mental health, we are in trouble.


Everything we say to you on here is because we feel we have to defend ourselves from people like you who are actually “less capable” of empathy, compassion, humane discourse than we “Aspies” are. You are an oppressor of the worst kind.

That he is, and it’s why he hates it when control of a situation is taken from him. As I have done more than once.

Ari is autistic too, John. Hard to believe all those scholarly writers are telling the truth about Asperger’s being a form of autism, but they are. Tony Attwood isn’t being paid by Pharma. You have essentially admitted to lying because you can’t show me a quote, as I’ve asked you to repeatedly. You are using YOUR definition of autism to justify putting words in his mouth, not the definition that the entire rest of the world goes by. So you put words in his mouth, just admit it.

Best never backs up what he says with evidence. All he does is tell someone to Google quacks – and Simpsonwood.

That’s why I’m confident of success against him in court. He relies on his opinion – and nothing else. I can destroy his heroes easily through reams of online evidence and legal precedent (ranging from Michelle Cedillo in the Vaccine Court to Judge Berger’s Maryland ruling) and government information from around the world.

I’ve put a couple of comments myself and Best has further provided evidence of his behaviour in reply. I won’t bother with that at this point because it would take too long to go through.


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