Touching on the other blog

I guess I should leave a note here about the other blog that Best created in my name. I expect it to go as a part of the action against Google which is the main reason why I haven’t said anything. But I should just mention his latest two original postings.

The first was on October 31, and he complained about my copying of his blog entries thus;

{ME} copied my entire blog, violating my copyright, because he was afraid to comment on my blog.

Two points here. First, Best has made no DMCA claim against my copying – and until he does that, it goes on. I’ve already stated in the note above as to why that’s the case. He also tries to put that over as a “criminal” act when the police have nothing to do with it! Civil action, idiot!

Second, I’m not afraid to comment on his blog. He’s afraid to allow my comments! That’s the reality and that’s why I set things up the way I have in the first place!

Best then reproduced the whole page of the HARB as it was a few days ago. As the blog is on borrowed time it doesn’t bother me. Otherwise it would.

The second entry was on November 3 and one aspect made me laugh. Best figures I live in Melbourne still! I haven’t lived in Melbourne since 2005, idiot! That just cracked me up!

But the other aspect disgusted me, and displays the very hate that is typical of Best – the reference to me supposedly drooling over a 14 year old girl. My true reaction would be a small responding wave before going on my way. The backing to this was a reference to the Pneumonic Plague presently an issue in the Ukraine, and an imputation that I had the same disease.

I’ll leave that there. The man does not deserve a voice on Blogger and I will see that he loses it.

Just quickly – I have grabbed the other option on Blogger with my name (Philip instead of Phil) and it will be opening soon.


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