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I have to quote Best on some of his most recent rants on the I am Autism video comments area.

ASA has a long history of being gutless and not telling the truth. I’d be the one wanting a piece of them.

This was in reply to the observation that the Autism Society of America would not provide Best with any support if he showed up at one of their conventions – and a lot of people would want a piece of him. When it was suggested that he would be there this was his reply.

Nope, don’t want to wind up in jail.

You should be in jail right now for child neglect, Best! And he was accused of being scared;

If I was your age, minus the 40 years of wisdom that I own over you, I might think differently.

Wisdom?? I have more wisdom in my wisdom teeth than Best has in his whole bloody body!

You trolls do not have autism. People with autism smear feces, bite themselves and never learn to read or write.

I’m talking to the honest people who read these comments, not you liars.

Honest people know that Autism is not solely represented by those factors. As far as lying goes – hello pot, meet kettle!

The knowledge you need to learn about autism is on the Hating Autism blog.

If you want to learn about the Autistic Spectrum, that blog is the absolute last place you should go!

When Best was accused of avoiding the Vietnam draft, this was his excuse;

They stopped the draft about 50 numbers before I would have been drafted.

I called him on that one – advising that Best was too young to be drafted. He was born in 1953 so he wouldn’t have been eligible for drafting until 1971. It was in 1972 that the pull out began (Australia left lock stock and barrel that year). I also mentioned the story printed on the Autism Speaks Social Network – which is reproduced on this forum here and military school as a part of that.

I joined after I graduated college, not the coast Guard.

Probably true – just for a change.

People need to know that mercury is the cause of autism.

It isn’t.

Nobody cares where I went to school.

Plenty of people definitely care! After all, Best demands personal information of other people – so it’s perfectly fair to demand the same information back.

People need to know that chelation cures autism.

It doesn’t.

I’m not giving you more personal information. You already have my phone number which you use to harass my family.

This was directed at Andrew Ackner, who has been accused of waking up the Best household not that long ago. No report was made to the police, so the incident never occurred as far as I’m concerned. If Best won’t give any personal information, he doesn’t deserve any personal information from anyone else.

If you ask your mother to cure you, you might stop having those delusions about being Superman.

Look who’s bloody talking! Superman – meet your deluded self confessed equal. John Best Junior.

That’s an assumption. Politicians work for us. We can all give them orders.

Rubbish. That’s anti democracy without a doubt.

The FBI are a bunch of faggots who won’t stop Pharma from poisoning children. If they had any balls, they’d arrest every CEO of Pharma and prosecute them.

Someone called Mr New Hampshire called Best on this one – wanting to know what the charge would be.

It’s illegal to poison children.

Mr NH then asked if he had evidence of that.

All I need is a jury so a corrupt judge can’t rig the outcome.

Idiot! A judge has the power to over rule a jury if an element of law isn’t upheld! Besides (as Mr NH pointed out) he still needed evidence.

Nobody who doesn’t have brain damage disagrees with me. The conspirators know they’re part of a conspiracy but they just don’t want to admit that. You, with your damaged brain, can’t decipher the truth.

This is hate speech. Autism is not brain damage – it is brain difference. Damage is different, and by Best’s definition the world is brain damaged.

It’s just a matter of the public seeing the truth. Then they will all agree vociferously.

Best wishes this was true. He may well display what he believes to be true. Then the scientific community will rip it to shreds – with evidence.

The FBI knows the truth too, They’re just too corrupt to do anything about it, as well as being a bunch of pussies.

They know the truth – and I wish they would arrest Best for child neglect.

If I have to sue Best, it is my intention to make sure that Best lays everything on the table – so I can collect every piece of counter evidence and lay the precedent in the system to back up the one that already does so. The decision of Judge Berger.

I’m a decorated ex-military officer with a masters degree.

He was asked where he got his masters degree – and Best went silent. In other words, he doesn’t have one. Nor is he a decorated officer. More likely he was given a dishonourable discharge.


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