Deafening Silence

After the directions hearing on November 30, and after Best deleted the “Phil Gluyas Goes to Court” later that week from his blog – Hating Autism has been silent.

As I upload this it has been over two weeks. That’s not the first time there has been such a break, but I would like to think this is because he finally got the message that his blog could well be in trouble. Legitimate trouble. So instead of blabbing, he decided to shut up there.

The next hearing won’t be until 2010 (I’m not going to publicise the actual date – except on the Phil’s World Forum) so it will be interesting if he lasts that long as says nothing on his blog.

It’s the same on the blog on my name. I kept a promise to give him a final warning once the cached version of the page he copied was deleted (I’m certain that’s where he got it) and there has been no reply.

Best though has not been completely silent. He is continuing to troll the comments area of the I am Autism video. I’ve been hitting the spam button on him (and I’m not the only one) and I’m hoping that soon I can find a way to get the video removed. But the spam out effort could well be another reason why Best has been silent on his blog. He’s trying to fight it.


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