Correction of Facts as Best hides

Best brought the philgluyas5 blog out of hidden status in order to address the Google case in VCAT – and promptly misrepresented it.

But of bigger concern was the post that he’d put on the blog while it was hidden. He referred to my two phone calls to his wife during the divorce battle – and claimed that I was ringing to get her help in the defamation lawsuit. The only help I was after in relation to that was getting Best’s new address (at the time he’d been kicked out and was living elsewhere – subsequently I found that it was a motel in Salem). But I was also intending to help her in her efforts to get sole custody of Sam and the other child by providing evidence against Best that she may not have been aware of.

But in that post he also included my unlisted and silent home phone number!

Tex saw it first and alerted me and I thank him for that, but as usual Google were slow in removing it!! It should have been deleted instantly!! It still remains online as we speak!!

Thankfully though there have been no unwelcome phone calls. Best is an idiot!

But on the reference to the VCAT hearing – a few points. It was NOT a lawsuit, and Best was not the defendant. It was an administrative action designed to charge Google with discriminatory behaviour. Overthrow the USA? The man’s a lunatic! Best never clobbered me. Google did – and they will pay the price for it eventually.

This has been added to my defamation case against Best. He again made the call for those who reject curing Autism to be locked up, and called me crazed yet again. Yes, I am trying to cure one person who claims to cure Autism – John Best Junior. Because it’s impossible and chelation is potentially harmful as a treatment, even when it’s used correctly. He should be silenced and he will be in relation to me. The aim of the lawsuit is to have it in writing that John Best Junior is wrong per a court decision and spread it as far as I can. The only way he can do anything about that is to appeal the decision in the court that the decision was made – down here in Victoria.

But he won’t do it. He is now in hiding, and in the process he has avoided service of a summons – for now. I’m not beaten by this tactic. In fact the opposite is true. This tactic will help me. A subject that goes into hiding is a guilty subject and will be promoted as such. The only way he can avoid this now is to stay in hiding. But it won’t save his blogs. Each of them will be deleted without a defence, and that includes the back ups and everything else because it is my intention to have his entire account ordered deleted.

And unless he comes out of hiding and faces the music, there is nothing he can do to stop it.


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