Now it’s the Senate?

Best has now apparently dumped his run for the Presidency in 2012 for now (I base that on the fact that his blog on the subject is still there) to try and run for the US Senate seat in New Hampshire that is up for grabs in November in the mid term elections. As I type this, the Republican candidate is yet to be decided on but the two front runners are Kelly Ayotte and Bill Binnie.

Ayotte copped a spray on Hating Autism over the Autism issue, but Best is again running this BS line about the Rothschild family. Now if he thinks for one second that he can do something about that (forgetting for the moment that the problem doesn’t exist) as a single independent Senator in a chamber of a total of 99 party aligned politicians – with Best being number 100 – he is kidding. The only way he could do anything is if he held the balance of power (as is the case in our own Senate with two independents – I don’t recognise Family First as a party – holding the balance of power there), and I would call that scary as anything!

This is all on Best’s latest video on You Tube.

Another point – there WERE Autistic children in New Hampshire in 1993 and before. They were DXed as mentally retarded. This was corrected in the DSM-IV in 1994. I don’t need to say anything else that I haven’t already said on that subject.

Best will ignore those who tell the truth about Autism and it’s origins – and the truth about the federal reserve in the United States. He won’t do what is in the best interests of voters in New Hampshire. He will only do what is in the best interests of his own little fantasy world that he is trying to press on the state of New Hampshire and on the country on the United States. So don’t vote for him – give him the widest berth you can. He’s crazy.

As a side note, one can tell from the background that he still resides in the home he always has (except for that period where he was in a Salem hotel during the aborted divorce battle). And he still can’t equalise the sound with the vision AND fix the focus on his camera!


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