Political Naivety

After the non event at the mid terms last November, one would have thought Best might have got the message. In that election – he ran as what’s called a write in candidate. That means you can just write in who you want to vote for instead of any of the registered candidates.

According to the statistics – write ins (noted in the stats as “scatter”) numbered 439 for the entire state of New Hampshire. That was less than 0.1 percent of the vote for goodness sake! And the more local you go, the worse the percentage! At state level the scatter was 0.09%. In Rockingham county it was 0.08%. In Londonderry – 0.07%! And that’s assuming that every write in vote was for Best, and that’s no guarantee at all! The point is that NO ONE knew he was running as a write in! In effect.

Contrast this to what I had planned for the state election here before it fell through. For one thing, I would have been registered and on the ballot paper. You can’t do write ins here so I would have had to. Second, I would have been hitting several different towns in the district during two weeks worth of hard campaigning. I doubt Best went out his door once to campaign. Disadvantage from the get go. And then there would have been the print media and local TV and radio. That’s how you campaign properly, Best!

But did he get the message?


I note that he has started 2011 with a series of ridiculous claims. Aside from the fact that he’s running as a write in again – get a load of these policy ideas!

1. Replace all bureaucrats with non Harvard/Yale graduates; how many honest citizens understand the political process by law? Not many, idiot!

2. Seize the Federal Reserve; you’ll already have it you idiot!

3. Declare all mortgages paid in full; that will cause the stock exchange to crash as the banks fall over and destroy millions of jobs and business would be wrecked. Way to fix a country already in trouble, moron! You need the banks whether you like it or not!

4. Free homes for everyone; so who would pay to build them, idiot? A home is not a right. It’s a privilege only available to those who work for it. That’s always been the way and it always will be. Best only has this policy because he is in trouble himself with his own mortgage.

5. Ban all corporations; so who employs people, idiot?

6. Take control of all media; here we go – that’s Soviet policy! Make of that what you will!

If Best’s policies were applied, the American economy would completely collapse. His new currency would be worthless, and his prediction about inflation would be the opposite. If he thinks things are ordinary right now between the US dollar and the Australian dollar – if he had his way, our dollar would end up being worth $1000 Best dollars! At least!

Best fails in economics. He is against the very freedom he preaches because he would be preventing people’s ability to earn money. If anything is a right – it’s that. His policies would undermine that and make America the laziest country in the world and a laughing stock.

Just like Best.

He couldn’t get in on the popular vote anyway. The votes that count for the Presidency are in the electoral college, and he won’t get a single vote from there!


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