Canary Party kicks Best to the curb

I went to Best’s Autism Fraud blog because it was linked on his latest entry on Hating Autism, as I was interested in what was on that blog as I thought it was originally for his comments about Amanda Baggs.

As it turns out there’s a lot of material there – so much in fact that I think this blog may in fact replace Hating Autism should I get that blog deleted in my current legal action. I’ll compare the entries there to Hating Autism when I have time, but for now I want to concentrate on one entry from June 21, where he tells the world that he was kicked off the Party’s Facebook page for posting the infamous picture of his car with the words “Flu Shots Cause Autism” on it. He also complains about how his comments on the page were ignored.

I’m not surprised. Heck, he makes his usual call about mercury poisoning and he still expects people to believe him? We all know that the ONLY vaccine that is used in the US that contains thiomersal is the flu shot, and even then there is a thiomersal free version available! But he doesn’t tell anyone that does he? The Canary Party ownership know that thiomersal is not the issue. They are pushing the environmental causation line in general (and ignoring the genetic factor of course) – at least from that side.

Best mentions Ginger Taylor in particular. Taylor – an Autistic enemy – targets vaccines in general and has a focus on the number of vaccines as causation. She does have thiomersal in her sights but she goes wider than that as I indicate in the article on her on my website. Apparently she’s the one in charge of the Facebook page.

But the reality is that as much as the Canary Party is up the creek on several levels (my entry about them elsewhere covers that as well as the positives of the party), they know a lunatic when they see one. Best is a lunatic. I congratulate them on getting this right. Best is not a “true” autistic activist. He is a bad parent who allowed his son to wallow in the depths of intense pain for at least four years creating a massive sensory overload that his son may never recover from. That is Best’s fault, and he should be called to a count for it in public.

Whether or not my lawsuit against him will achieve that I don’t know, but it will achieve the deletion of his other blogs. Whether or not this one can be attached depends on the number of duplicated entries. I’ll look into that when I can.


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