More behavioural evidence

On Best’s Autism Fraud blog there have been two entries since the beginning of April that attack yet another politician. This time it’s the new Attorney General of New Hampshire, Michael Delaney. Michael took the job when his predecessor, Kelly Ayotte, gained a place in the Senate in Washington DC last November in the mid term elections.

In his usual way, Best told Delaney to do something about the head of the NH HHS department Jose Montero, who was “poisoning babies”. He was told by a staffer Anne Edwards that there was nothing they could do and forwarded the initial message to Dr Montero. That outraged Best who followed up with another letter attacking the AG.

I don’t agree with this tactic by the AG’s office, because Dr Montero is a public employee – so in fact they can do something if he breaks the law. Of course we all know he hasn’t. The idea may be to chase Best off, and if so I could have told them that wouldn’t work.

This is the act of a deluded twit – and subject to administration of my defamation case against Best this could come in handy. If I can get evidence that Best is attacking the Spectrum admitted into the action, it will definitely be added along with a lot of other things – and it will further guarantee the deletion of Hating Autism and indeed this Autism Fraud blog.


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