Best and Sam in Court (Facebook Update)

I’ll update the Facebook situation first.

The owner and founder of the page that is reacting to Best is preparing to file a lawsuit against him. She already has a number of Affidavits and she also knows about my action against him. I do know her real name, but I’m not displaying it here – for now anyway. That page has over 200 likes now and climbing, while as of the moment I type this one of Best’s pages has 30 likes and the other has just 19 likes.

Best meanwhile has also linked the filthy entry about me to both his personal page (I saw that through my wrestling account which Best has not blocked) and on one of the group pages as well. I have reported the entry, but I doubt it will do any good. Facebook is at present believing that what Best is saying is a version of the truth that needs to get out purely because of the First Amendment. I think that’s why the admin of the counter page is suing – and I’m certain that should I get the decision in my action quickly it would create a very good precedent.

But onto the core of this entry and Best apparently made the claim on one of his pages that presenting Sam as evidence of the truth of his views would be the winning move. I never saw it myself, but the admin of the reply page quoted it thus;

When I brought my son to testify for comparison to show the true limit of brain function in an autistic person, a court would probably see that Asperger’s is much different than autism and Ne’eman would be locked up for misrepresenting what autism really is.

I beg to differ and here is what I would be saying to counter that.

Your Honour, I can assure you that what you have seen there is simply a version of Autism. Mr Best doesn’t understand that Autism presents in several different forms and his son here is just one. Further, what you have seen here is a growing Autistic who has been neglected. Given that Mr Best has known that his son is Autistic for more than ten years, you would have thought his son’s functioning levels would be better than what they are. They aren’t. That’s clear for all to see. What’s not clear is how Mr Best has actually got as far as he has without the proper assistance and/or treatment. Now he claims that these improvements are solely from the use of chelation. That claim does not tell the whole story, and I will now tell that whole story that Mr Best has neglected to give. I want to point out that this story is derived from Mr Best’s own words on his Hating Autism blog in late December 2006.

Mr Best made no secret of the fact that his son’s bowel movements were only producing little hard balls. To pass such items on the toilet would cause intense pain. Autistics have sensory sensitivity so for his son this would have caused an overload. But it’s not only that. Mr Best admitted that this had been going on for years – at least four years but possibly as long as seven years, from the age of 1 to the age of 8 when Mr Best commenced the chelation treatment. He directly linked chelation with the improvement in the bowel movement along with a couple of other factors. Now, chelation is a treatment for heavy metal poisoning – of which mercury is simply one of several. Lead for instance. Now I put it to the court with a fair amount of confidence that Mr Best’s son’s intestines were heavy metal poisoned. Alpha Lipioc Acid – the treatment used by Mr Best – is taken orally. It would naturally pass through the intestines in that case. It is therefore logical that if there was any heavy metal poisoning in the intestines, the ALA would have cleared it.

The point should be made also that such an issue in the intestines would be a form of blockage. Now that is also painful, and I can speak about the level of pain personally as I have experienced it myself at the age of 19. So we have an additional sensory overload that the chelation would have eliminated. Mr Best claims that chelation cleared the mercury in his son’s brain. He is wrong. The heavy metal issue was in the intestines. What needed to be cleared was the sensory overload, and that’s what really happened. For between four and seven years, Mr Best refused to concentrate on clearing the intestines. He instead insisted that curing Autism would resolve the problem and that is why he never got any help. In my opinion, that amounts to child neglect.

The bottom line is that Mr Best’s son will never be cured via chelation. Chelation used without any excess metals can do harm to other vital organs. In fact, Mr Best provided another logical connection by admitting to using a treatment for his son’s liver – ostensibly to stop episodes of self biting. It was a product called Brain Guard, produced and promoted by an Andrew Moulden. I remember reading that it repaired the liver, and that organ in particular is harmed with the excess use of Lupron – another chelator used for the clearing of heavy metal poisoning, but also used to chemically castrate male sex offenders. Again, Mr Best experienced some success with this product – and logically I put it to the court that it helped because it repaired the damage Mr Best had done to his son’s liver by using chelation when there were no excess heavy metal issues. He’s got all the dots, but he is failing to connect them properly. He is so desperate to have a “normal” child that he is blind to what is really going on. And willfully blind as well and stubborn to the point that I am certain that he himself is on the Autistic Spectrum. He needs to be properly examined for this, and also I strongly recommend that his son’s liver be checked, as well as his sperm count given that he would now be past puberty.

Under the DSM-V, Mr Ne’eman will be classified as Autistic. The entire Spectrum will be Autism. Mr Ne’eman and indeed myself are the potential end product of children on the Spectrum who have been correctly assisted out of a sensory overload event. Mr Best’s son is a great example of what happens when you don’t apply the correct assistance. Mr Best should be punished for this, not lauded as he seems to think that he should be.

Naturally I would present as a part of this the entry’s from Best’s blog on December 23 and 26 in 2006, which are already quoted on the Autistic Enemy section on Best on my website. The same would apply to the entries regarding Andrew Moulden.

Reality check. Best would lose in court no matter how much he relied on Sam just being there for public display. I’m sure there are people with the appropriate qualifications who would back up my assertions, along with the general debunking of the mercury poisoning nonsense. Ari himself would be grateful for the support. He knows the truth as much as I do – even if we go about promoting it in different ways.


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