Best makes his final mistake

Get a load of this twaddle from Thursday – which was posted on the blog in my name! Yes, Best brought it back and that’s a mistake in itself.

Crazy {ME} thinks he is going to win a lawsuit against me so he’s goes to great extremes to stalk me and harass me on Facebook. I guess this moron thinks that’s a good way to provoke a court to see his bizarre behavior in a favorable light.

On one of my Facebook pages, Crazy Phil went to the trouble of secretly messaging everyone in the group to smear my character with vicious lies about me. A few people sent me copies of his deranged messages. Now Phil has decided to run sneak attacks on all of my Facebook pages. This severely deranged person blocked me so I can’t see what he’s doing but he sneaks onto my pages long enough to leave dishonest comments smearing my character. If I try to report him, I can’t do it because you can’t report anyone on Facebook for harassment if you can’t see their page. Good trick, Phil. Worthy of a deranged third grader, congratulations!

Phil also violates Facebook’s policy by creating multiple accounts so he can file multiple frivolous reports, another trick that I can only assume is used by nutty 8 year olds. Crazy Phil is now in his 40’s. Facebook will be made aware of your stalking Phil. I still can’t be bothered filing a lawsuit against Phil since courts will always throw out suits against mental cases who can’t be held accountable for their bizarre behavior.

1. Stalk him on Facebook? Hey he’s the one creating these stupid pages! If he doesn’t want attention from anyone he shouldn’t create them! I posted a couple of comments but that could hardly be described as harassment! He blocked me from commenting and that was that.
2. I don’t need to show the court my conduct. I only have to show Best’s as it relates to me, and that’s easy to show in an unfavourable light.
3. I did message six people who were members of his Presidential group. Maybe that was a mistake. But the group has more than 700 members so how could I possibly message all of them?? This is what I said to them by the way;

Hello there, I’m sorry to inform you that John Best is completely insane. His hero is Adolf Hitler and his favourite book by his own admission is Mein Kampf – the Nazi Bible. He has called on the Autistic Community to be euthanised, he has called on the Taliban to attack the Pentagon as well as Al Queda and has issued numerous death threats and threats of other violence against individuals. You can’t possibly vote for this person in 2016. He is two sandwiches short of a picnic and totally at odds with reality on a number of levels. Best to get away from this group and support someone else because if this man gets to be President, the USA will completely die economically and sink into total anarchy.

There is no smear when I’m telling the truth!

4. See point one about his Facebook pages.
5. There is a way to submit reports. Indeed, I submitted one about the link to Hating Autism when the comparison of me to Adam Lanza was made.
6. I do NOT have multiple accounts! I have two – and one of them is for the wrestling and the wrestling only! It was through that account that I confirmed the link on his page but I have NEVER used it outside of wrestling. I think he thinks that everyone who is attacking his pages with comments are ALL me!
7. Finally – again with the excuses to not sue me. He knows deep down I’ve got him and he is afraid of me. The defamation action is drawing to it’s climax and when that’s done, Best will be toast! And no amount of belief that he is insane will change that, contrary to his view!

His Facebook activity is coming back to haunt him big time – and the bringing back of the blog in my name has screwed the final nail in the coffin. It has allowed me to get everyone on Facebook to see the page and write an Affidavit to that effect so I have a plethora of evidence of publication!

What an idiot!


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