Prime Minister’s Court Jester?

Will you get a load this entry on the blog in my name now?

Today Julia Gillard named {ME} to be Australia’s first court jester. Gillard wanted something to distract from her lousy leadership and had heard of crazy Phil’s antics from some wrestling fans. So, she is going to put Phil on display at government functions. {ME} will be dressed in a dunce cap and a pixie outfit while being led about with a rope attached to a dog collar around his neck. Whenever anyone criticizes Gillard, Phil will be encouraged to threaten lawsuits for defamation and just be his usual obnoxious and tremendously stupid self to entertain the gatherings. Many of these government meetings are quite boring to sit through and Gillard felt that entertainment from a bizarre knucklehead would bring some comic relief and keep people from falling asleep.

This is just plain nuts! It’s patently obvious that Best is not taking me seriously at all. He’ll be shut up on that subject WHEN I win the lawsuit against him!

I will say this though – if the PM’s paying someone to be court jester it’ll be good dollars! I just wouldn’t need the dog collar or the threats. I could just draw on Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock with the insults of critics! It’d work better than Best’s suggestion!


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