Dear President Putin

While checking the feeds on the blogs I have on them, I came across the latest entry on Best’s Autism Fraud blog. In it he publishes a letter that he sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin and provides a link where you can send Putin a letter yourself. Upon reading what Best had said in the letter, I wasted no time sending a counter to that trash as follows;

Dear President Putin,

It has been brought to my attention that you have recently received a message from Mr John Best of the United States regarding your help with an issue that he claims exists with vaccines in the United States given that he believes his own government to be corrupt and so forth. I can assure you that all of his claims are false. Thimerosal has been removed from vaccines in the US as they have been in Russia, with the single exception of Influenza vaccines – and even then there is a thimerosal free version available. I can also assure you that his claims that his son was born “normal” is not true and in fact he neglected his son for some time by refusing to treat him for a heavy metal issue in his son’s intestines. This is the real reason he has been battling with some success with chelation.

Vaccines are not the weapon of mass destruction that Mr Best claims. He is recognised as a mad man by many in his own community, and I myself have sued him successfully for defamation as this is what he does to people who dare to dispute his views. I am certain that you and your government in Moscow support vaccines as they stand, and I therefore ask that you either inform Mr Best that he is not telling the truth, or throw his email communication into the bin. Please advise of your preferred course of action by return email, and either way you will be doing the true understanding of the origins of Autism a big favour.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

I am of course hopeful that Best’s email will be ignored, and to be honest I doubt I’ll get a reply advising of what action has been taken. But it does my heart good knowing that I have acted to shut this idiot off and make sure that even more people are aware of his lunacy, his lies and so on. That is after all why these two response blogs are here.

I’ll be interested to see what Anthony Lupson has to say about this as he seems to be replying to every entry from Autism Fraud, although the last one seemed to be a response to two entries at once. I guess.


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