Another blast from the past

Here’s a really good conversation amongst Phil’s World members from the old C Forum from mid to late April 2009. The colour coding is as follows – Cube Demon in maroon, myself in royal blue, Scratcher in dark blue, Tex in red, Mr.Fix-It in purple, Twinkles in magenta and Eagle Eye in green.

My own father thinks John Best Jr. is off of his rocker and I need to be extremely careful with this guy which I am doing. The man is not getting my name. 

I think I shut him down on that. I think I shut informer up with all of my recent blog entries because it’s honesty in it’s purest form. 

If Best was a much more honorable man he would get my name in full and we would get this challenge up and rolling. 

As Tex says, he is a sidewinder and will use dishonorable methods to bring me down.

Your father is right. I’m glad I sent him those links. I haven’t been on your blog this morning yet but if I know Best he won’t be shut down. He hates that. And he can’t stand numbers either and that’s why he defaults to the sock puppet BS – just to make himself feel better.

I told him about the response blog, Phil. Didn’t link it though.

Neither did Sync, Craig. And neither did I because I want them to find it by themselves.

I’m getting damn sick of this “abusing Autistic women” trash when he does it all the time.

You should have mentioned the obvious one, Tex. Amanda Baggs. I did.

I wouldn’t have done that, Craig – but it’s done. Anyway, you could also have mentioned a few others, like Autism Diva for instance.

I just told him what he can do with the sock!

He is also sexually harrassing Kassiane. Don’t forget that. Oh yeah and don’t forget he sexually harrassed Alyric when Best said he would not get a hummer from Alyric.

Informer backed Best up on Kassiane and added Kristina Chew to the mix!! I told both of them they were missing female companionship.

But I didn’t know about Alyric! I must have missed that one.

I challenged Best on his derogatory talk towards Alyric and this is what he said:

“Cube Demon,
I was only kidding about not letting Alyric give me a hummer…as long as she’s not too ugly, that is. After all, I wouldn’t have to listen to her while she had her mouth full.

Women have to earn respect, kid.”

This is what I said back to him: Actually, the same thing applies to you as well. You have to earn respect too.

Alyric deleted all of those things that best said on her blog because she banned him from commenting and said he was scum and a man-made pollutant. She cannot stand the guy at all and you know what I cannot stand Best myself.

He will be punished eventually. Justice will strike him down.

Well there has been another victory.

Best is gone from the Autism Speaks Social Network!

24 hours later;

He didn’t take it very well though!

Oh good heavens, Philip! That’s a crime isn’t it?

That’s what I thought!!

And it got worse, people. I’ll talk about it once Cube Demon acts.

24 hours later;

Okay, here are the details;

That was careless of the FBI!! Phil if they don’t reply I’d be making enquiries to the Consulate in Canberra.

I’ll give them until next week, Tex, then yes – I agree.

That bastard!

Mind you, Phil, it gives him no excuse not to sue you if he wants to now.

True, Andy.

He’s just being a jackass on Cube Demon’s blog now. His usefulness there is over.

You should see the latest entry on his blog, Tex! We can talk about it on my response blog. You know where it is.

For the love of…..doesn’t the dip know when to quit?

No he doesn’t, Craig. Notice on Cube Demon’s blog that he is now claiming that only Autistics get sensory overloads and the reason why? Blithering idiot!!

The links to my old website are out of date now of course, but they are on this very blog under the entries “Best banned from the Social Network”, “How childish can you get?” and “Hit me with your “best” shot”. I never did follow up on the FBI enquiry because there was too much doubt over what actually happened. I needed concrete evidence. Cube Demon’s blog is long gone of course, Mr Fix-it’s comment about justice came to fruition on January 24 this year.


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