More Facebook lunacy

I meant to do this entry before I headed for Adelaide but the preparation for Version 10 of Phil’s World delayed it.

On the HARB I took note of Best’s comments on the Voices for Vaccines page on Facebook. Here are my responses;

*I think we should put people in prison for fraud when they promote false claims about vaccines and fail to mention the fact that mercury is the cause of the neurological problems.

You are the fraud, Best. Mercury is not the cause of neurological problems to the level they are at today.

*The mercury in flu shots to pregnant women gives the fetus 200 times the alleged “safe” dose. Autism is cured by chelating mercury out of the brain which proves beyond any doubt that the mercury caused the brain damage. 
Nobody beats the government in one of their own courts. The govt is 100% corrupt.

This is a lie, based on the figures of pure mercury and not ethyl mercury. Autism can not be cured by chelation.

*People who argue in favor harming babies are child abusers.

Best argues in favour of harming babies by scaremongering over vaccine safety and over Autism.

*The mercury in the vaccines damages their brains. Whether vaccines prevent diseases or not is irrelevant. Would any sane person shoot mercury into someone? Can vaccines be made without any mercury simply by producing them in single dose vials?

Again, Best is intentionally mixing pure mercury up with ethyl mercury. Ethyl mercury is a safe adjuvant at the level it is in thiomersal. It’s removal is merely a reaction to panic in order to make sure vaccinations don’t drop.

*The reason they left mercury in the flu shot was to cause more autism by damaging the babies’ brains before they were born. That way, lying doctors could convince parents that autism was genetic and parents might believe them because they wouldn’t see normal babies regress like I did. That was a good plan, don’t you think?

Best never saw Sam regress. He made that up. There is no mercury in the flu shot, and there is only ethyl mercury in some flu shots. This is the case for those that need to be preserved.

*I don’t know who “they” is. It’s a secret. Nobody knows who ordered the “hit” on JFK either or who made the original 13th amendment disappear. I told you why they want to make more kids autistic. Do you need remedial reading? They hired David Kirby and Dan Olmsted to try to cover it up.

This is nuts. Whilst there may be some unanswered questions about JFK it’s not a clear cut conspiracy at all. At worst, someone committed the perfect crime and to protect public order it was covered up. The original 13th amendment can still be ratified if 25 more states agree bringing the numbers to the required 38.

*No, I didn’t say it was a secret society. I said it was a secret. Do you know the difference? Kirby and Olmsted have to be paid to lie. Nobody lies that without being paid, just like members of Congress. Don’t you think Rep Issa would ban thimerosal from vaccines if he wasn’t being bribed to help cover this up? Most people aren’t that evil that they poison babies for fun.

Idiot! Kirby and Olmsted gained their money from book sales for “telling the truth” (speaking for Best that is). Best thinks they are being paid now to change their minds, and actually they haven’t. They’ve just softened their rhetoric. There is no need to ban a product that has been wound back to the point of non existence.

*Yup, the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself. That’s why Kirby, Olmsted and others were sent to lead the “anti-vaccine wackos”. They had the power of the media to help them do it, same as Pharma.

You can have that same power if you want it, Best. You just don’t have the courage to do it!

*VfV, Didn’t they teach you this in your propaganda classes? That’s how it works, just like democrats and republicans bashing each other while bankers rob everyone. When you bash each other about vaccines and nobody mentions mercury, Pharma wins on both sides.

No one mentions mercury, dummy, because it’s NOT INVOLVED! And a point – bankers are doing business. There are issues and the Republicans won’t allow them to be resolved. The Democrats want to resolve it, but they can’t as long as those dopey Republicans insist on freedoms that are wrecking the US economy.

*Melody, You have to do lots of reading to acquire this knowledge. Then, all you have to do is think for yourself without allowing propaganda wizards to lead you astray.

Best is a propaganda wizard. And a bad one because we can all see through it!

*There was a group that called themselves Neurodiversity and they had a propaganda class listed in Wikipedia but I don’t think they’re around now. I think their leader was transferred to write propaganda about Syria. However, a group called ASAN does a pretty good job of teaching people how to write outrageous lies and Congress lets them help make everyone associated with autism look like fools by letting them testify at hearings. They might send you to Israel for training.

That’s anti-semitism at it’s finest right there. There is no such group called “Neurodiversity”. We are Autistic Activists. ND is not a poltical movement. It’s the reality of the brain.

*As long as you’re not opposed to anti-zionism, that sounds like a good idea. And, you understand that being anti-ASAN is not the same as being anti progress for actual autistic people who need to be cured.

Autistic people need to be helped, not cured because that is impossible. Best is anti-progress and again we all know it.

*Autistic people can’t speak, read or write. People with Asperger’s can do that but they aren’t autistic. We know that all autistic people and those with Asperger’s do want to be cured. None of the ones who have already been cured have ever asked to have mercury reinjected into their brains to make them disabled again. This proves that we have to leave those decisions up to guardians instead of allowing mentally disabled people to make foolish decisions for themselves.

Under the DSM-V we are all Autistic, Best. Aspies are Autistic. Autistic people CAN speak, read and write (what about Droopy, idiot?) and NO ONE has been cured. Fact. You need a guardian, Best, because you are mentally disabled and making foolish decisions for yourself AND your son!

*Dorit, Babies do not develop a blood brain barrier until they’re about a month old. This means that any mercury that goes into them passes through the brain and kills brain cells while it’s in there. This is not only hazardous to the baby but it’s hazardous to the rest of us as well. This loss in IQ points can make these people stupid enough to vote for democrats and republicans.

IIRC someone corrected Best on the blood brain barrier, and besides that ethyl mercury doesn’t do that damage. Pure mercury would, but like I said it’s a non issue. And incidentally, Best, the majority of Americans DON’T VOTE AT ALL!

The man is a fruitcake and I wish my contact would get on with it and start the process of getting the decision against Best recognised in the US so I can get my pound of flesh!


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