Is Best guilty of treason?

It appears as though Best has rejigged his “Second Declaration of Independence” on the IPetitions website, and I’ve just about had enough of this lunatic!

Today I sent an email through the website to IPetitions, claiming that Best was violating their Terms of Service in that the “petition” was and is unlawful. I stated my belief that it’s treason.

Here’s my reasoning. Treason is the only violation of law that is included in the US Constitution – it’s Article 3. In it the article identifies treason as the act of aiding and giving comfort to the enemy. Whilst it mentions war, really it could be applied at any other time. Now think about this – when the original Declaration was written the chief enemy was England. If that same Declaration is usurped, England would be aided by getting what was then their land back!

However this is the reality. In order for a second Declaration of Independence to hold, it must have the support of the constitutionally elected Congress in Washington DC, and all 50 states. As long as it doesn’t have that, the original holds. The only other way to change things is to get elected yourself and control both houses of Congress and all 50 states!

I doubt my claim would go as far as actually being acted upon, but I hope it’s enough to get the stupid waste of time and bandwidth deleted. I do know this though – it’s further proof that Best is crazy as a pet coon! (TM Jim Ross!)


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