Ridiculous Promises

Best has yet another blog, and it’s about time I addressed it here. It’s called “Fire Congress” and there are six entries on it at present. The basis of it all is that stupid assertion about the Rothschild family.

I want to focus on a comment Best made on the second to latest entry first;

When I stand in the street and yell: “Hey all you politicians, lawyers and bankers, You’re all fired.”, someone is going to throw a net over me and drag me off to the looney bin. When I write the idea on paper, I’m still going to be written off as a lunatic. People believe they have to follow rules and we’re afraid to stand up by ourselves and fire all of the people who make the rules.

The people can’t fire anyone, Best. You can stand up for yourself by presenting a case of treason against every politician, lawyer and banker to the courts. The trouble is you don’t have a case against any of them. All your rhetoric is based in a paranoid view based in your own debt issues that I am certain exist. I’ll take the greatest of pleasure adding to that believe me!

Now let’s go to his latest entry, titled “Cancel Student Loans, Free Tuition for All”. Now on the face of it, this is simply a copy of ALP policy here in Australia – but look beneath the surface;

This is a simple solution to a simple problem. You don’t know it’s a simple problem because you’ve been lied to and taught that the problem is a lot more complicated than it really is. When you take a loan from this government, they borrow money from the Federal Reserve. The Fed creates the money and loans it to you with the government acting as a middle man so they make money off of the interest you pay. This is illegal.

This is not true. The Federal Reserve does not loan any money. It only prints it as required and controls core interest rates as well as advise the government on relevant parts of economic policy. Well, that’s what our Reserve Bank does anyway and I see no reason why it would be any different. Loans from the government come from government revenue. If that revenue isn’t there the government borrows from a regular bank. How is that illegal? It’s how any business works when they need money.

The Fed is a private bank that can’t exist and can not create money. It says so in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution where it states that Congress shall have the power to coin money. It doesn’t state anywhere in the Constitution that Congress can give away or take bribes to sell this authority to anyone. So, that means that everything the fed has done since 1913 was illegal. All of that money that was “loaned” by the FED is counterfeit and nobody has to pay any of it back to the banks or the government for “loaning” it to us.

It’s not a private bank. It’s owned by the government. If there have been any legit bribes, Best should report them. But he won’t because he won’t stand up for himself, contrary to his earlier quoted claim.

Now, the problem. We have 535 corrupt members of Congress, 9 corrupt lawyers on the Supreme Court. a corrupt Prez and Vice-Prez and countless corrupt judges who try to force all of us to pay off these counterfeit debts with counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes.

Prove that they are corrupt, Best. This is a question that has never been answered.

The Solution. You, as a member of We the People own the USA. So, all you, I and everyone else in the USA has to do is fire the corrupt politicians and judges. We do that simply by uniting together to say so. “You’re fired”, stated in unison by millions of Americans will do the trick and WE can unite to do that by signing an updated copy of our Declaration of Independence. Those millions of signatures give our police and military an order to arrest all of our politicians and to seize the TV networks so we can tell the whole country the truth. This cancels all debt for all of us. We issue United States Notes, everyone starts fresh and nobody loses anything except the banks and the corrupt politicians, judges and lawyers who are all accomplices of the banksters.

Everyone loses, because this course of action will turn America into an economic basket case. The dollar value will plummet, leading to a total cessation of exports and imports will become unaffordable. Banks will sue the government and win and bankrupt the new America.

Besides, you can’t just fire Congress! In order to secede from the Union (the only way a new Declaration of Independence will work) you need the equivalent of three quarters of the country behind it. I base that on Constitutional changes needing three quarters of the states to effect changes. That means Best needs about 240 million signatures! Not just a few million as this quote insinuates. Guess how many Americans voted at the mid terms earlier this month? 36.4 percent or 116 million! Actually less than that because not everyone is eligible to vote!!

Fact – the majority of Americans DON’T CARE, Best!

Do you “get it”? It’s so simple it can’t be true, right? Wrong, it IS true. All that has to happen is for people to share this and talk about it in as many places as possible so that the whole country sees how easy it is to get rid of our corrupt officials. Ask questions, unite and we will fix our country, for free. Cancel all of the bogus debt the banksters and Congress have foisted upon us. The debt isn’t real. It’s an illusion and you have to see through it to stop this crime.

The debt is real, and if you don’t service it you will be sued – and lose.


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