Best on Manuel Casanova’s blog

Typical Best! He saw Mitchell’s entry that I’ve already commented on, and he roared in with this crock of crap;

Neuroinsanity was invented by the CIA as deception. Before these liars infested the internet, nobody had to use terms like “severely autistic”. “Autistic” was good enough. The meaning hadn’t been perverted by these liars who allegedly had Asperger’s Syndrome and called themselves “autistic” to destroy the meaning of the word. Their propaganda worked. Now, a majority of the public has no problem with misusing the word “autism” which is specifically reserved for those on the lowest rung of the autism spectrum. Everyone associated with Neuroinsanity belongs in prison for fraud.

So the DSM-V is a fraud, Best? Autism is NOT reserved for the lower end! Heck it didn’t actually enter the Autistic category until the DSM-IV!! Before that, Sam would have been diagnosed as mentally retarded! FACT!! The version of Autism that we knew as Kanner’s Syndrome was in fact the version that Jonathan Mitchell has.

I’ve notified Manuel on Twitter that he needs to get Best out of there. Cresp posted just below him and I’ve nailed him as well.


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