Newsweek Rubbish

When Newsweek published their Jonathan Mitchell article I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to see Best get involved. Here’s how it all went down.

Best first commented on February 18 with this typical lie;

Temple Grandin isn’t autistic. She might have Asperger’s or she might just be a screwball.

Temple is Autistic. Asperger’s is Autism, Best, like it or not. Three people jumped on that point rapidly – Dana Kellison, Kaylee Smeaton and Judy Gehrig· Best has blocked Artie Christou, but Artie saw the three replies and pointed out to everyone else that Best was nuts and didn’t believe a certain court decision even existed!

Earlier in the day Best published this load of tripe;

The liars who criticize Mr Mitchell are not autistic. Some of them have Asperger’s and some of them are just deranged. Newsweek abets their deception by publishing their propaganda.

Notice that he avoided actually naming me (remember that I was quoted in the article). Kaylee jumped on him again reminding him of the Spectrum as a whole, but Best then pressed his definition of Autism thus;

Here’s the definition of “Autism”: Autism is mercury induced brain damage that causes the victim to smear feces, bash their heads through walls and into cement, scream in excruciating pain for hours each day and go through life without ever learning how to speak, read, write, use a toilet, communicate in any appreciable manner or get laid. Autism sucks. There is nothing good about it.
Autism is a specific category on the autism spectrum reserved for the lowest functioning cases. There is only one level of autism.

I don’t need to comment because William Lane shot back brilliantly pointing Best to the DSM-V – although I wasn’t impressed with William stating that the Autism and Asperger’s DX’s shouldn’t have been merged. Sorry, William, but yes they should have. All Best could come back with was;

I’ve lived with autism for 18 years. My definition is based on fact not bullshit.

It’s not based in fact and we all know it, and William trumped him stating he’d living with Autism for 21 years. He also pointed out that the DSM-V definition is cited by almost everyone in the Autism community. Best ignored that thus;

“On the spectrum” tells us that you don’t have autism. I speak the truth. You and those blogs obstruct the truth.

You don’t speak the truth, Best. You never have. The court decision against you proves that. You are trying to obstruct the truth and I’ve been working to remove that obstruction since 2006.

Some other people came on and gave Best their own version of an earful. Jadea Faith bunked the mercury poisoning idea. Sandra Givens showed that it was possible to recover but still be Autistic. Morénike Onaiwu repeated the point about the DSM-V and added the wider interpretation of the DSM-IV. Kaylee tried to talk some sense to Best in the only person to come back. Best’s response?

One can’t argue with liars. One can only point out their deception. Some people present lies because they’re stupid enough to believe liars who are in alleged positions of “authority”. These people are so trapped in illusion that they don’t even know that THEY are the true authorities as owners of the USA and they have the power to imprison the liars. Rule followers and “educated” people are good sources for liars to use to transmit deception. People who ask questions see through the lies but rule followers obey the lies.

This is the rhetoric of a conspiracy theorist. A really bad one. Doesn’t believe anyone but himself. Everyone else is a liar because we don’t listen to him.

I then noticed someone promoting that stupid bleach treatment. There have been no positive results. At all. It’s a killer.

Best even ignored that with this comment;

The only way to cure autism is by using Alpha Lipoic Acid to remove mercury from the brain. Sometimes, the brain is too damaged by mercury to gain complete recovery. But, that’s another topic. This topic is about liars, lots of liars.

And you are the biggest, Best. Along with Mitchell and those on the Newsweek comments areas who are demanding a cure. ALA worked for Sam because Sam’s gut was heavy metal poisoned, and it removed a blatant sensory overload. Shanti Roy claimed to know why Sam was screaming (has he read my website?) and he called Best a troll. That got this in reply.

Since my son can’t talk, he could never tell us what sort of pain he was suffering. It could have been his bowels from constipation or it could have been the mercury eating his brain. The good thing is that removing the mercury solved that pain for him.

There’s no proof that the heavy metal poisoning was mercury. If the mercury was eating his brain, Sam would have died – remember that Best didn’t treat it for at least four years or at the most seven years.

That was when Artie brought in someone else temporarily to post under the Truth about John Best page. Artie passed this on and it’s right.

It has been established already that the poisoning was in the intestines. This is the truth. The anecdotal proof can be found on the Hating Autism blog itself.

It would have been better to give the exact date of the entries. Best didn’t post on that thread again.

Back to February 19, Best posted the following original comment;

For the liars here who obfuscate the truth by referring to “Asperger’s” as “autism”, I want to present the truth. I have an autistic son and a son with Asperger’s. My son with Asperger’s would beat me senseless if I called him autistic and I would deserve it. He sees autism every day of his life and fully understands the horror of it. He knows there is nothing about autism that has any similarity to the Asperger’s that makes his own life challenging.
It doesn’t matter that the Medical profession also lies about autism by including the rest of the spectrum in one definition. As with everything else related to autism, the Medical profession is lying. They caused every case of autism by shooting mercury into babies. Then they caused many cases of “Asperger’s” in dishonest adults who decided to catch “Asperger’s” so they could earn paychecks by lying about autism.
My son with Asperger’s hates the autism that his brother suffers. So do I.

I’ve said this before – there is no older son. Sam is the oldest and there are only two kids. This is all made up. Kaylee was onto him again demonstrating some genetic evidence – and copped this in reply;

You’re a liar. There is no such thing as genetic autism. There are liars all over the internet presenting false information about autism. When we seize control of our government from the bribed liars who manage it now, you and your ilk will be arrested for fraud.

Autism is genetic. Fact. Best is the liar and he in fact should be arrested for fraud if it was fraud to lie to such a deluded level. Kaylee knew she was being insulted and presented more genetic evidence. She then realised it would all fall on deaf eyes (or blind eyes to be strictly accurate) and told him to just stop the insults. That was never going to work;

Autism is mercury poisoning. Genetic abnormalities are genetic abnormalities. It’s not my fault that a dishonest Medical Industry tries to lump genetic disorders under “autism” to help them distract the public from the truth about mercury poisoning. Your acceptance of this disingenuous diagnostic nonsense and your perpetuating false notions about the true horror of autism obfuscates the abyss that autistic people are trapped in. Their lives are absolute horror. Yours isn’t. Being cruel to severely damaged people by misrepresenting the horror they suffer is inhuman. Is that what you are? Are you inhuman by design or have you been tricked into acting like a complete fool?

You’re inhuman, Best, judging by the way you treated Sam! The rest of that has already been addressed, and Kaylee had one more try denying the accusation of being inhuman. I didn’t like the comment that if someone wants to be cured they should be (Artie Christou and I are as one on that one – a cure will be forced on everyone on the Spectrum), but the rest was right. Best simply went the fraud route with this;

Just keep lying, earn your paycheck. Honest people don’t thrive on this planet anyhow.

And in came Artie’s friend again with this;

John Best is not thriving because HE is the liar. He doesn’t understand Autism and never will. The Wild Boy of Aveyron was Autistic. Not a mercury mine, silver mine or gold mine anywhere near him. Autistic – not mentally retarded.

Best shot back with this rubbish;

The Wild Boy of Aveyron was kicked in the head by a horse. This made him almost as stupid and crazy as a severely deranged mental case named Phil Gluyas who was quoted by Newsweek here.

My guess is that Best thought this was me (and I couldn’t have posted it not just because I wasn’t on Facebook, but even if I was even under the page name I still couldn’t have seen the comment – Artie was similarly blocked) so he aimed for a defensive retort. The “kicked in the head by a horse” idea has no proof. Artie’s friend was brilliant in reply and shut Best up with this;

Oh dear you really do need to check yourself in to the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center as quickly as possible for treatment.

At that point I’ll bet Best realised it wasn’t me. And he didn’t return to the article.


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