The May pitch for Governor

Best doesn’t change. He can’t change, because he’s Autistic and doesn’t know it. Here’s what he has said in May so far on his Facebook page (which I can see without logging in) for New Hampshire governor in 2016.

We have about 125 million people in this country with the IQs of a turnip. These are the rank imbeciles who vote for democrats and republicans. There’s probably no way to make these idiots more intelligent so these damn fools will keep electing criminals to destroy our country. There are lots of honest people capable of undoing the damage that democrats and republicans have done to us but we just don’t have any voters who are smart enough to elect them.

The reality is, Best, they know that there is no one else. Just the major parties. You are the one behaving as though you have the IQ of a turnip, because you’re too stupid to see that and realise that to compete you have to get out there off the Internet and put your case. Of course you won’t because firstly you don’t have the guts and secondly your sub conscious is telling you you’ll be laughed off the hustings as all idiots are.

OK, so we have 125 million retards who elect democrats and republicans. That means we have about 200 million people in the USA who aren’t retards and could unite to get rid of the democrats and republicans. All we have to do is talk to each other and arrange to unite those 200 million of us who know that democrats and republicans are all bribed, lying scumbags. Then, we will be able to remove all of them from office and have our freedom back.

Those 200 million will not vote for anyone, Best. They aren’t interested in anyone in politics. They don’t care. Not about you or anyone else.

The simplest thing in the world should be for every person in the USA to stand up to our politicians, tell them all to go [beep!] themselves and remove them from office. But, when you bring this solution up, the whole country is too damn scared to say anything at all.

That’s because that’s not a solution.

We need a revolution in this country right now. We don’t have to shoot anyone. All we have to do is assert ourselves, remove our 100% corrupt politicians and let honest people manage things. That means the naïve voters have to stop trusting the criminals from the democrats and republicans. All of these politicians are either criminally corrupt or criminally stupid. It’s time to fire all of them.

You can’t fire them, Best. You have to beat them in an election. That’s how democracy works. If you don’t like the democratic process, the USA is not for you.

If Congress issues our money like they’re required to do by the Constitution, our $18 trillion debt vanishes in an instant. This is why you should learn the truth about the Federal Reserve. It has been illegal since it was founded in 1913 and every cent of interest you have paid to banks since then has been part of the most massive robbery in the history of Earth. Congress won’t mention this because Congress is 100% corrupt.

Congress won’t mention it because it’s 100 percent BS. Debt to other countries doesn’t disappear just by coining new money. Best knows nothing about economics. Interest to banks is the penalty you pay for borrowing from them. So don’t borrow. That’s the only way you can avoid a debt to a bank.

A FREE NATION: If we were truly free, our money would be created free for our use since it all belongs to us, collectively, and it makes no sense to charge ourselves interest on our own money. BUT, we have a FED who lends us our money at interest through their banks. This causes us to have mortgages and student loans that cost us about three times more than just paying the principal. If we stopped charging ourselves interest on our own money, we could pay our mortgages in ten years instead of thirty years. So, we should ask ourselves why we are stupid enough to allow banks to exist to rob us with this interest when we have no law that says we have to put up with this theft of all of us. The government is supposed to work for us to ensure our happiness. They could create our money again like they used to do before the FED was created in 1913 and loan us money at zero interest, reducing inflation and making our lives a lot easier. If we, as a nation, don’t like being robbed by banks, we should fire our government for allowing this crime of robbery by the FED to exist since 1913. So, let’s talk to each other about this.

Yet again, Best shows that he doesn’t understand economics. You’re not borrowing your own money from banks, Best. You’re borrowing the bank’s! And the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with that part of banking business! Banks have to make money to pay their employees and that means interest!

If 50 million Americans pay mortgages on $200,000 for 30 years, the banks steal about $32 trillion from them. This is not just business as usual. It’s theft of all of us arranged by Congress. This is not freedom.

Yes it is. It’s the penalty for the money you get on loan for mortgaging your home. You have to pay it back. It’s perfectly legal business – and I can’t wait to get the 2013 decision registered against Best, because that debt is going to kill his mortgage that I’m sure he has on his home. His bank will foreclose on him for sure, and it’ll be no one’s fault but his for not getting how economics really work.

No idea! He’ll never be Governor of New Hampshire. Especially as he won’t formally register.


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