More of the same – and the supporters

While I was in Portarlington I got an email from one of my Facebook friends who is running the Truth about John Best page – and included was a text file of comments made on Best’s page (I can’t see it myself now without logging in). Here they are with my comments, starting with Best’s original;

Our government is the enemy. WE have all the power. 300 million of us versus a small number of lying scumbags who we were stupid enough to vote for. If we unite against them instead of voting for them, we will solve every problem in the country in about a week.

No you won’t. You’ll just create more problems because if by some miracle all the seats change to independent you’ll have anarchy that doesn’t recognise the individual identities of each state. And those who are attacked (the banks) will take the new government to the Supreme Court and bankrupt the country in a heartbeat.

There were a number of comments but I want to concentrate on this set, starting with a sheep called Tamee Cottrill Huffman;

The bankers that OWN the government, and tells them what to do also OWN ALL the T.V. stations. They would never allow anyone to spread a message of hope to overthrow what they’ve worked years to create!!

They do not! As Anthony Lupson pointed out back in early 2013 – the main three TV networks and CNN are privately owned; ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company, CBS is owned by the CBS Corporation, the current name for Viacom, NBC is owned by NBC Universal, a joint venture by Comcast and General Electric and CNN is owned by Time Warner. Not the banks.

Yuh, that’s why we need cops to grasp the truth so they’ll know it’s right for them to seize it.

It’s not. It’s treason and they know it. Best never was too bright on that point.

My God, how will we tell them? How do we get it out? And will they believe us over their government?

No they won’t, not because they believe the government but because they know a treacherous act when they see one!

The other supporter that came in at this point is someone calling themselves Xiola Moon (got to be a fake name!);

We, the once sovereign people, are actually in charge of the government, and can appoint a new one if ours becomes corrupt , which it has. It says so right in the Declaration of Independence. We need to remind the people of their power.

And they already have that power – at the ballot box. Or in the courts. There is no other way. The reality is that not enough people chose to vote. They don’t care.

Everyone who asserts the attitude that We the People own the place helps sway public opinion. People need to start issuing public orders to Congress instead of asking them to do things. If large groups will try that sort of thing, it will help.

Issuing public orders is not on. It will be ignored. There are processes to follow. If a large group does it, they will be labeled rightly as traitors and the leaders will end up in prison for treason. In a free country, the power lies at the ballot box.

Vote with our dollars and stop funding their terror porn. Go to the old ways, the good ways, self sustainable.

Terror porn? What on earth is this twit talking about? America is already self sustainable. It just needs to get a socialist leaning to it’s capitalist attitude and that will solve more problems than this rhetoric ever will.

Just don’t choose between (D) and (R). It’s always a waste of our votes. Vote against them. Write ins.

Write ins are useless without massive back up across all 50 states. You have to register and be on the ballot paper, and you have to get out there and campaign. And be constructive and not destructive. That’s Best’s problem – he’s destructive.

I agree with that. Republicans and Democrats should be out. They’re both owned anyway.

Owned by who, Tamee? Oh that’s right – you don’t know! Or as your namesake would say; “Tell me she didn’t just say that!” (Booker T’s real name is Booker Huffman).

I shouldn’t really be surprised by the quality of Best’s supporters. Chances are they have been on the receiving end of a bad experience that they have reacted incorrectly to. Just like Best. Victims of bad experience who don’t review it right generally believe conspiracy BS. There’s nothing worse than a panic stricken under educated fool trying to balance a see saw made of balsa wood with an anvil!


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