Best and his deluded allies

First off, the comments on the last entry were deleted on the video by Best. He didn’t like the truth being told and when I fought back by linking the previous entry he gagged me removing consequent comments. Not going to work, Best, because I recorded them and here you go;

The owner of this account is the same as the United States government – censors commentary that he doesn’t like. Hypocrisy right there.

Timelord Phil (as Timelord66) on Bit Chute “The Solution to ‘Murderous’ Vaccines” on April 8, 2021

You’re a gutless wonder, Best. You’re fired. I will keep fighting you from afar so the world knows that you are the severely deranged mental case. And there isn’t a thing you can do about it either. You are powerless. You have nothing.

Timelord Phil (as Timelord66) on Bit Chute “The Solution to ‘Murderous’ Vaccines” on April 8, 2021

The second comment actually lasted awhile but it was inevitably deleted.

Meanwhile, Best put up a new video; “Gerald Celente, Controlled Opposition Liar”. Celente is a financial doom merchant who has been predicting the downfall of the United States since the early 1990’s. He jumped on the GFC and most recently the various recessions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This would again be the sort of person that would be a good ally for Best but as always he alienates them. I say that without seeing the video because this entry about the comments, in particular someone called Day Tripper;

Anna Von Reitz takes the history back to before the Fed. She’s stated that the court system was usurped after the civil and common law (law of the land) was replaced with the maritime law system which was only meant to apply to shipping. The barristers and lawyers are basically just shipping clerks with no jurisdiction in common law.

The creation of the Fed was certainly an important event though, that’s when the money system was seized and the birth certificate fraud was implemented.

Anna now has a streamlined system to extricate yourself from the fraudulently imposed maritime system.

Day Tripper on the Bit Chute “Gerald Celente, Controlled Opposition Liar” on April 8, 2021

Von Reitz is another nutcase who has also been alienated by Best despite being a good ally. She is full of conspiracy junk. As I have said before, the Federal Reserve was created by the US government under their Constitutional right to coin money. As I said specifically in the entry here about the Declaration of Independence it says “establish commerce” – which is the same thing.

I talked to Anna Von Reitz many times. She blocked me on Facebook because she pretends she’s too stupid to understand the Declaration of Independence and she couldn’t face me when I pointed this out to her.
You don’t have to play any “legal” gaes[sic] with attorneys to stop the abuse. You have the power to arrest all of the attorneys as spies. Anna does not want you to know this because she abets the government.

John Best on the Bit Chute “Gerald Celente, Controlled Opposition Liar” on April 8, 2021

No you don’t, Best. You have no such power. You have to report them to the authorities as spies and have the evidence to prove it. And you have nothing.

I’ll take your word on honor for that John.

I’s[sic] hard to know who to trust but from the way you speak and write it seems we’re coming at this from the same angle. We have to step out of (and above) their bogus fraudulent jurisdiction and reclaim our standing as men.

We created the government so they stand under us.

Day Tripper on the Bit Chute “Gerald Celente, Controlled Opposition Liar” on April 8, 2021

No, idiot, the government was created by the Declaration of Independence and empowered by the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson would slap Anna Von Reitz in the head for ignoring our supreme law that he wrote for us

John Best on the Bit Chute “Gerald Celente, Controlled Opposition Liar” on April 9, 2021

Thomas Jefferson, who was Autistic, would slap John Best in the head for failing the understand the reality of what he wrote!

Have you seen any of the recent work from Christopher James from John ?

He’s making all the right noises and exposing the fraud but he’s also in bed with Chris Sky who has recently aligned himself with a billionaire banker who is creating a political party. Chris wants to fight the system from within the “legal” system which is a bit like joining the mafia in the hope of cleaning it up. I’d love to put my faith in both of those guys but when I hear the words banker and political party I start to loose faith and their credibility comes into question.

Day Tripper on the Bit Chute “Gerald Celente, Controlled Opposition Liar” on April 9, 2021

On the contrary, they know that creating a political party is the only way. They need the votes of the people – the only authority the people have – to gain the power they want to supposedly change things. We all saw what happened when a single person in the Whitehouse tried to wreck the establishment for his own ends. We had anarchy that culminated on Capitol Hill on January 6.

That’s where the comments stand. Idiots attract idiots.

But I do know this and I’m going to claim it anyway – the reason why Best is not getting any traction is because of me. The combination of the blogs (this one and the HARB), the Truth About John Best Junior Facebook page and the decision of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Best thinks it’s fake. The real world knows otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Best and his deluded allies

  1. In the next life, you will probably be autistic. All you will be able to do is smear feces on yourself and bash your head through walls. That will be your punishment.

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    1. And your punishment will be a rubber room while I continue to link this entry on your deluded Bit Chute channel so everyone else can see who you really are. I’d rather be Autistic than a deluded traitor like you.


    2. Mr Best, there is no doubt that your statements are comprehensively incorrect. Your denial of these facts makes it plain that you are suffering from a serious undiagnosed mental health condition that will only worsen if you do not seek treatment for it.

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