And now – an idiot

Some things never change. The title of this entry harks back to the very words I used on my podcast some time ago to introduce some Best audio snippets from his Bit Chute channel. That has been quiet since mid February, but meanwhile I caught the following rash of comments on his Facebook timeline which serve as a reminder that John Best Junior is off his rocker!

TV still has freedom of speech – for the truth. And for lies if a network wants to create controversy (Fox News are past masters of that). Of course people who are totally crazy like Best have never got on TV – except on the news when being arrested!

Again for clarity – NO ONE is the authority/authorities. The Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits the claim.

Because the states are united and have been since the American Civil War. Freedom has never been lost.

Servitude was banned by the Thirteenth Amendment. Okay I’m being a bit facetious there because it specifies involuntary servitude but it’s still a valid point. The only fool here is Best.

The police aren’t arresting any politicians because none of them have committed a crime. What’s Best’s fault here in particular is that he isn’t proving it. It’s all in his wild mixed up fantasy world.

No, Best, the domestic enemy is you for seeking to incite an act of treason. You can’t fire a government. I made it clear in the previous entry what you had to do the achieve what you wanted and all you could do was abuse me in the comments. You have no courage and should just go check yourself into Hampstead Hospital for some badly needed remedial psychiatric care to get that fantasy world of yours torn down.


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