Some more education for Best

I got a bit of an education from a combination of the research of Wally and the knowledge of Tex Caldwell – both long time members of my forum. This came in part from a debate on Best’s video about Dinesh D’Souza where he accused Dinesh of not telling people certain things. This accusation got seven people to thumb the video down before it was also thumbed down by me, Tex, Twinkles, Scratcher and Tegan.

This started when Best noticed the number of thumbs down (at the time ten – Twinkles and Tegan were yet to add their votes);

The “thumbs downs” show me that I have ten rank idiots who watched this. If they ask questions, they might become smarter.

John Best on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 5, 2022

We all saw it but it would be Tex who would respond, expecting the comment to be deleted;

Why should anyone ask questions when all you’ll do is either delete them or reply with insults? That’s not smart. That’s dumb.

Tex Caldwell (as Plainview4) on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 8, 2022

But it wasn’t. Best replied.

I delete attacks from trolls. Are you a troll? Try asking a question.

John Best on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 8, 2022

He did ask a question, idiot!

Wally noticed and did his research, leading to him publishing five questions on my forum. Tex quickly picked this up and delightfully added them thus;

I’ll ask several.

1. Were you aware that the Federal Reserve Act was created to stop private banks from robbing people of their actual savings a great deal more than any are now? (see for example in part the Depression of 1882 to 1885)

2. Where precisely in the Declaration of Independence does it prohibit attorneys from running for office?

3. Were you aware that the original 13th Amendment has not been ratified by the states, but it still can be right now as the 28th Amendment?

4. Will you commit to pursuing this?

5. If you fail in your quest overall, what are your intentions?

Tex Caldwell (as Plainview4) on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 11, 2022

And Best ran around that challenge like the coward he is.

You’re a funny guy. In 1913, the Rothschild family gave themselves the vehicle to steal every asset in the US from us and they did so in 1933 thanks to FDR’s illegal bankruptcy. The words “That they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown” barred attorneys from practicing their dranged(sic) version of “law” in our country. Common sense tells you these thusly identified enemies could not act as spies in our government and the original 13th amendment was ratified in the 1810s and did appear in printed versions of the constitution, some of which still exist. Only people opposed to having freedom take positions like you. Please stop that.

John Best on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 11, 2022

When Tex saw that he responded with this;

The four day banking holiday FDR called was not a bankruptcy. Mind you, at the time a bankruptcy would have been a good call given that GDP was at an all time low and there were no loans being offered because there was no money in any of the banks as everyone had them under their beds. Prohibition wasn’t helping either – that ended later in 1933 and that change helped because it provided jobs. The Rothschild family had no presence in the US until they arrived before and during WW2 escaping war torn Europe and the Nazi threat to the Jews. That’s historical fact. And no, the original 13th Amendment wasn’t ratified. At the time of the Amendment being sent to the states, there were 13 states needed to support it. It only ever got to 12 and by the time it got to 12 the number became 14 when Louisiana became part of the Union. It remains at 12 now. The publications you refer to were errors, including in one state that rejected the Amendment – Virginia. This was confirmed by President Monroe and Congress in 1818. By the way – the Amendment wasn’t put to prevent British interference. It was brought on a perceived threat from British enemies. France.

Two more questions;

1. What defines freedom in your eyes?

2. What proof do you have that attorneys have any connection to the British Crown?

Tex Caldwell (as Plainview4) on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 12, 2022

Interesting insight on Franklin D Roosevelt’s actions reacting to the Great Depression. It actually backs up my current argument over keeping Victoria’s GDP ahead of our debt right now because of COVID. I already knew that about the Rothschilds though as well as the current status of the original 13th Amendment although not down to the actual numbers, nor the assertion that is was caused by a threat from France. Tex didn’t address it, except with his second follow up question, but there is no connection between lawyers and the British Crown. This is an assumption by Best based on the fact that the courts in the UK used to be presided over by members of the House of Lords. Even in the old days, the House of Lords had no connection to the Crown. Best doesn’t understand how the aristocracy works. He’s just being paranoid.

But Best did avoid the first question entirely as well as the last and this wasn’t pursued. And on this occasion he ran away again;

You’re trying to argue against facts with outright lies and you’re doing it while hiding behind an alias. Sorry but facts can not be argued with. As for your queston(sic) #2, LOL. Go away.

John Best on the comments on the video Liar D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on July 12, 2022

There it is, as Tex predicted initially. The insults. Tex gave the facts. Best couldn’t answer them so he ran away, especially from the second question as indicated. I pretty much expected it and already had this entry ready and it is now posted. I was going to link it on his page but the coward has blocked me from commenting!

But he can’t delete this blog entry!


3 thoughts on “Some more education for Best

  1. And here he is again trying to hide but the same IP as last time. You are a proven coward, Best!

    Just as an update, Tex did reply stating;”I’ll go away when you answer the questions I have put to you that you are running away from. And let other people comment!”

    The last sentence was for me because I tried to comment in order to link this entry to him but I was blocked! As I said – a proven coward. Best replied, “You’re starting to sound like a deranged idiot from Australia who creates multiple accounts to troll me. Only idiots argue against their own freedom by taking sides with enemy attorneys. Do you want your freedom back? Your moronic repeating of dishonest bankster rhetoric about the Fed is pretty funny. Most trolls are smarter then that. Do you know that you lost your freedom in 1913? That’s what the Fed is all about, abolishing freedom.”

    So in other words, his idea of freedom is no taxes and no interest on loans. He doesn’t understand banking at all!

    Tegan – as NurseTN – then did her duty thus;

    “As Plainview said, you aren’t letting other people comment including the person who wrote this;
    [the link to this entry]
    If you didn’t have your freedom, John, you’d be in jail. You’re deranged, not Plainview, me, Phil or anyone else.”

    That was posted last Thursday and it took until this morning for Best to react in typical fashion – exactly the same way others are reacting to him. Censoring AKA deleting the lot.

    Piss weak, Best. Piss weak.


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