The sweet smell of success

Has Best finally given up? This was the content of his last two posts and the comments inside the first on his Facebook timeline.

Voting for D, R and Esq is against the law. Cops won’t arrest you. You just lose your freedom.

You don’t know the law.

Our supreme law was written so we can maintain our freedom and reclaim it if it’s stolen from us.

It hasn’t been stolen.

Please don’t ask attorneys if my words are true. As the Owner of the United States, I stand above all attorneys and I tell you the truth.

It is in legal precedent that you are a liar, and you don’t own squat.

Attorneys do not practice law. They practice a brutal and blind force to keep humanity enslaved to the Banksters.

The Banksters don’t exist and there is no force.

If you could learn that you are also the Owner of the United States, we could stop the attorneys from destroying our country and we could have our freedom back. It’s really that simple.

You never lost your freedom

Do you want your freedom back?

See what I just said.

( If everyone who reads this accepts the truth in it and shares it, we could have our freedom back by the end of the week.)

You only have 231 followers, Best. If they all shared it, it wouldn’t go any further because the majority of Americans will see it for what it is – a load of bunk.

Darren Ferrell “liked” my post but he wouldn’t “share” it. He thus told me he is opposed to freedom so he is now blocked. (Correction: Facebook gave me an error message when I tred to block him. It seems that Facebook has now made it impossible to bock paid trolls as I have had this problem many times lately blocking the obvious fake accounts who bother me.)

This is a typical over reaction.

Another “like” but no “share”. Another person blocked. Somebody “shared this post but Facebook won’t let me see who did that. Very strange.

Not strange. Someone shared it and then blocked him – maybe to make fun of him. Good for that person if so.

Maybe this will be my last post on Facebook. There is no point on presenting any other words. If it remains invisible and unshared, our country and our freedom are gone forever. Nobody else presents the solution of how to reclaim our freedom.

As already said, freedom was never lost.

Perhaps I will make more Bitchute videos where there is no censorship.

And the same limited audience.

The solution to everything is to unite and fire the government. No matter how many times I say that, nobody will join me. So everyone is content to let the government sodomize them. Well, I’m opposed to that.

There is no sodomy going on in American politics. You can’t fire the government – that’s treason. That’s why no one will join you.

( I put this here in a comment where nobody will see it. If I wrrite another post on Facebook, nobody will see it because Facebook will censor it. This is Protocol #12 at work.)

Re the protocol – that is a hoax. An antisemitic hoax. Those who believe it are antisemitic. That is why FB is censoring you.

I knew America was all over when I was the only one in the supermarket without a mask. But I kept writing and making videos. I hoped there were some people left who could understand the Declaration of Independence. They were all gone. They all believed the TV. They kept trusting enemy politicians. They were never going to stop voting for our enemies.

You are an idiot not wearing a mask and everyone else knew it. You don’t understand the Declaration. They do.

I tried to show them the importance of Protocol #12 but none of them would read it. They were brainwashed into abject ignorance and there they will remain.

No, they know it’s a hoax and antisemitic.

I’m leaving this matrix. They will remain. When The Singularity is in full effect, they will truly be the walking dead. All of their thoughts will come to them from The Cloud and they won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s a technology that humans have zero chance of defeating once it takes effect and it’s already started. This is the end of humanity and I did what I could to try to stop it. My words were ignored. I tried.

You can’t leave. You are human like the rest of us and there will be no walking dead. The rest of us can tell the difference between truth and lies. It’s you who can’t. You have confessed to being a traitor to the human race and we all know it. That is why you have been ignored.

And I have won. See the reports I made of your timeline over the years and the spreading of the decision of the Supreme Court of Victoria on January 24, 2013, showing that you are a liar and defamer.


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