Didn’t work, Best!

I’d like to thank Autism Speaks Social Network member Eddie for alerting me to another member using one of my website pictures. It forced me to log in to the Network in order to send a warning – and I would have otherwise missed the legal threat on the basis of copyright by Best in my comments area.

I should have kept a copy of the threat, but I was given until March 10 to delete the “Hating Autism” part of my Foresam forum. I knew that Pro Boards may well arbitrarily act, so I took the board offline and into maintenance mode so I could start changing the layout.

I put the forum back online in order to keep it up to date – but with the copied material here on my website instead of on the forum so that Pro Boards couldn’t act from a DMCA notice. However I’d only completed half of the changes on the forum – and Pro Boards deleted the forum.

However, after alerting them to the incomplete changes, the forum was restored and I put it back into maintenance to complete the changes. But the point is that Best can not make a copyright protection claim at any rate. Google’s terms of service place responsibility for copyright onto the user. So Google doesn’t get involved in issues of this nature. Best tried to add a brief copyright disclaimer on his blog – but he did two things wrong.

First – he applied it retrospectively to 2006. You can’t do that. You can only claim it from your first application of it. Best can’t claim copyright any earlier that 2009. Just like my material – even though a lot of it is older, I only applied copyright protection when the Wiki went online. In 2007. I can’t claim copyright any earlier than that and I don’t intend to. Even if you could, herein lies something else wrong. There must be a current date. That is – 2006-2009 (even though I said he can’t claim it retrospectively).

Second (talking of incomplete claims) – Best has put his name without the “Junior”. That is another incomplete factor as is the fact that a disclaimer must be in full. As I have done on my legal page – including place of residence. And for a copyright claim on a common page (as distinct from a specified legal page such as on my website) there must be a (C) symbol. There isn’t one.

But it doesn’t matter anyway. The only reason I’m doing this is to provide freedom of speech for those who are modded out from Best’s blog. Best is denying the first amendment on his blog. So if he should claim copyright – I’ll counter claim constitutional violation. And because such a case would be heard in the US system, their constitution applies even though I’m not a US citizen.

So Best has failed to regain control of our war. He can’t see these copies now. And now that the links are coming from the blog, he can’t act against them.

Just in case someone else shows Best this posting – I make this statement. As a result of the legal threat, Best’s full name is now all over the index page on the section on him instead of his screen name. If he wants that editing effort reversed, he has to remove all four threads from his blog that have my full name in them. If he wants this section removed – there’s only one way to do it.

Permanently delete the Hating Autism blog and all other blogs on Blogger and cease all online activity.

I will never give this battle up as long as I’m breathing air.


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