A Book?

I guess we aren’t going to get a blog post from Best for awhile yet. Here’s why.

I’m still writing, just not blogging. I wrote enough here to fill several books so I’m going to try to turn it all into a book.

Oh so he’s going to write a book now? This was in reply to Lurker on Hating Autism. And this is of interest;

I think the best way to beat them is to simply name them and write about their dishonesty individually.

No, Best, that’s slander. If he actually manages to get a book published (and I doubt he’ll get a good publisher to do that) he’s bound to do a chapter on me – and I’ll have him well and truly.

John Best Junior doesn’t know who is being dishonest in this. The dishonest person is him, and not anyone else he is having a go at. It’s my job to expose Best for the liar and psychological swindler that he is. In legal circles (thank you, Judge Stuart Berger) Autism is genetic in origin. That’s the legal precedent that will stop Best from uttering his lies anywhere without paying for it with every asset that he has.

For this reason, I’ll hold my plans again for a lawsuit and rely on the action against Google.


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