The Waiting Game

Only two posts on Hating Autism since May 24.

I think it’s obvious – Best is on the run and waiting for the legal proceedings to conclude here, upon his assumption that I will lose and be locked up.


For a start, I can easily prove that Best knows about the action and the fact that he is not taking it seriously. I can prove that he is malicious and abuses his First Amendment rights by vilifying those on the Autistic Spectrum (“brain damage” etc). I can prove that his assertion about mercury poisoning is a lie AND that he has been told and is aware of it and refuses to listen.

I am waiting for more paperwork at present (I’m not saying who from) and when I get it I have liberty to make another date with the Supreme Court of Victoria. I don’t need to let Best know because he has already avoided service once, and I intend to seek permission of the Court to send the material to Best via email. Of course that’s subject to getting leave to proceed in the matter without Best – but I expect that to be a given.

I must admit I’m enjoying seeing Best be silent. I expect it to continue and it’s great!


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