Best on Twitter

Best has mentioned this before and just recently I found his current Twitter account

And of course his tweets are maniacal as ever. See for yourself.

Again, Best, COVID-19 is NOT a hoax! It is real and has killed ? people in New Hampshire alone.

You wake up, Best. Bioweapons KILL! The COVID vaccine does no such thing!

Because the Federal Reserve owns nothing, and you can’t fire government as that would be unconstitutional and anti democratic.

The police aren’t tax collectors, you idiot! And yes, they do know what treason is – and you DON’T!

Masks are the best protection from COVID-19 until we have the vaccine out there in full. TV doesn’t violate freedom of speech as they are entitled to decide not to transmit lies.

Best at it again with his lies. Hitler was after all Jews – no exceptions. Calling democratically elected officials terrorists is delusional. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by Americans and is run by America via a legally valid law, and has nothing to do with anyone outside the USA let alone the Rothschilds.

There doesn’t need to be a penalty for the judge! They just make decisions and if they get overruled by a higher court, that in upon itself is a black mark against the original judge.

Who isn’t supervising them properly? You, Best? This comment is his usual demand for them to fire the government (AKA a military coup).

Remember, people, Best is a legally recognised liar. Fact.


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