You don’t own anything, Best!

After a period of over five weeks with no videos on his Bitchute channel, Best has fired up and in the space of four days uploaded five videos.

Previously, Best has called himself the highest authority – a statement prohibited by the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution. He has now changed the wording but the message is the same – he is now calling himself an “owner”. He held two Zoom meetings that were limited the US internet users only in late 2021 – the first attracted four people (Best himself makes five). There was a similar number apparently at the second meeting – held two days after the first. But nothing advertised since.

In the first of the five recent videos – Best introduces himself as “the” owner of the United States before contradicting himself by claiming to address the other 300 million “owners” (the rest of the US population) although here he does repeat the “authority” line. It’s the same thing over again – he thinks one can remove the government just like that. That is not a democracy as I have said before. Best is anti democracy. If he wants change he has to run for public office himself. He owns nothing. He has to earn what he wants in the eyes of democratic voters – and he doesn’t have the skill, intelligence or connections to do it.

This is what he has to do in detail;

  1. Form a new political party.
  2. Garner 435 party members to run in the election that is held every two years for the House of Representatives in Washington DC.
  3. Garner 100 party members to run in the election for seats in the Senate every time a seat becomes available (34 of them are up in November this year)
  4. Garner 50 party members to run in the next election at state level whenever that may be.
  5. Garner an additional number of party members in each state (whatever the number is required per state) to run in the next election at state level whenever that may be.
  6. Announce himself as running for President of the United States.
  7. Win a majority of seats in the House of Reps and win all 34 seats up for the next Senate election in November 2022.
  8. Win any state election included the Governorship of any states that have an election between now and November 2024.
  9. Win the Presidency via the electoral college in November 2024, retain the majority in the House of Reps and win all 31 seats in the Senate election at that time.
  10. If 38 states are a part of the new political party – change the Constitution to what you want, including the banning of lawyers from the political system and the revamp of the Supreme Court of the United States.

That’s it, Best. There is NO OTHER WAY TO DO IT!

But you don’t have the guts.

The other option is to prove in a court of law that every politician in office at federal and state level is corrupt. But you can’t. That’s because you’re talking out of your rear end. The politicians are not your servants. They are your elected representatives. You don’t like them – that’s fine. Vote for someone else instead. That is how it works. Best doesn’t want anything to do with that process.

He also describes the last sentence of the Declaration of Independence;
“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
He claims that this prohibits lawyers from running for public office. That’s rubbish – no such restriction exists based on that.

Best is clearly showing in this video alone that he is crazy. He is giving orders. He thinks what he is saying is absolutely true and won’t talk about anything else. He refuses to create a website himself claiming he can’t – and won’t go back to school and learn (he thinks that once you leave the education system that’s it – you can’t go back). He’s a bully and thinks that bullying will get people to agree with him. He abuses people who won’t get what he says as though all Americans are dumb. Best is dumb. He is twisted. He is sick – and most of all he is a liar. A proven liar – as has been proven in a court of law. To back that up – he lied about the owner of the first bank in the United States in Philadelphia. It wasn’t Mayer Rothschild (note that Best doesn’t give a first name here because he can’t as he is lying like I said). It was Thomas Willing. The Rothschild family didn’t even enter the US until the eve of WW2 to escape Nazi Germany’s influence!

One positive – Best kicked a white supremacist out of his second meeting (where he gave a non committal reference to the numbers as reflected above). At least he had the right idea there. But his equality line can’t be respected until he accepts Autism as a part of it. And he won’t do that.

This was all derived from the first video. The only thing I need to add right now is that he has a group on Facebook. It is my intention to report it, but I have to find out which community standard to use to get it removed. It is a group formed not for owners, but for traitors to the United States. That is what Best is – a traitor.


4 thoughts on “You don’t own anything, Best!

    1. Nice try, Best. I know that was you. IP resolves to Metheun, Massachussetts, right on the border with New Hampshire. You are a coward who can’t handle the truth. Suck it up, princess.


  1. Phil challenges you, and all you can say is that, Gopher Breath? He owned your ass – that’s why you’re pissed off, sidewinder!


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