Best attacks Aspie Web

I was disappointed to read the reaction by ASAN Australia to being asked to leave the Australian Autistic Advocacy Association (A4), but I caught Best having a go at Zach Lassiter who was talking about the issue. Whilst I put my view in defence of A4 and criticised ASAN Australia for their conduct, here is what Best said;

A4 did the right thing. We can’t have the inmates running the asylum. People with brain damage need to be told to be quiet so those of us who do not have brain damage can do what is best for them.

The old “brain damage” (and therefore can’t think) argument again. It’s completely wrong, misrepresents the Autistic Spectrum and is totally reprehensible. Zach rightly told him to stop his “baseless attacks” on Autistic people, and provided a link to prove that vaccines did not cause Autism. He didn’t like being called “brain damaged” any more than I did or do (and I added on the comment area that Best was desperate for attention because people in power were ignoring him).

Best ignored the link as usual and uttered his standard line;

It was proven ten years ago that vaccines ARE the cause of autism. Pointing out facts is not an attack, Zack.

Being dx’d with a mental disorder is not something to celebrate or take pride in. It’s a reason for you to sue the people who caused your condition.

It was NOT proven, Best! At all! And the Autistic Spectrum (at it’s root) is NOT a mental disorder. It is a culture, and we have the right under United Nations Human Rights Charters to celebrate and take pride in it. Why sue for being yourself? That’s stupid – and is a reflection on Best’s character. He is anti cultural diversity as proven by his attitude towards the gay community, and his attitude that supports both communism (proof on his blog) and the Ayrian Race per the Nazi doctrine.

And when Zach called the Spectrum a “gift from God” – Best’s response was modded out. I wonder what it was?


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