It’s over, Best!

The die is cast.

I have lodged a complaint against Google Inc with the local human rights commission – on the grounds of assisting and authorising discrimination by not upholding their content policy and deleting Best’s blog. I’ve said for a long time that it’s a hate blog against Autism and those with the condition because of his attacks on not just me (which is of course the heart of the complaint) but others as well.

Best can laugh this off if he wants. Google have made it clear that if they receive a legal order from any other country – provided that it is registered in California – they will comply with it. I have no issue with the registration and the price of it (whatever that may be) will be worth it to get John Best Junior’s hateful blog off the internet for good.

Of course, when it does go – so will the Hating Response blog (which is also hosted by Google of course) but everything will be retained here. I fully expect Best to restart elsewhere, and I will keep it up until he finally stops spouting his hateful and dangerous nonsense. He will have no choice.

It may make him try and press defamation charges against me – something that he’s been threatening to do for awhile. I’m ready for him. I have a truckload of evidence to prove that everything I have said about him is either true or a verifiable opinion based in truthful interpretation.

You should never have attacked me, Best. You did that to the wrong guy, and you are about to pay the price for it at last!


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