A commendation

I’d like to thank Kathleen from the Autism Herd blog for the following comment which she asked me not to publish on the Response Blog, but I was permitted to re-produce it here;

I think that what you are doing here is excellent.. Fabulous lesson in psychology as well! After one particular comment he left on my blog pertaining to my children-I refuse to engage him-or acknowledge him. He can attack me all that he wants, but not my kids-they are lovely and innocent. I will however, continue to fight against all the harmful misinformation that he spews. His facebook comment is actually a wonderful learning tool-not what he intended it for-which somehow makes it even better.

Our facebook group appears to be turning that post into a positive learning experience. It has inspired people to do some wonderful writing, and it has led to many positive discussions. Isn’t that great?

This is what I love about the genuine people in the Autistic Community. They know an idiot when they see one, and have their own ways to deal with the likes of Best. To actually be told that this blog is a “lesson in psychology” is fantastic to say the least! Thanks, Kathleen! I really appreciate the commendation!


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