When will Best get it?

Probably never.

What am I talking about? I was going through Best’s Autism Fraud blog to see if there was anything I could use for the court action, and I came across an entry that wasn’t a duplicate from Hating Autism. It was called “Useless Parents of Autistic Children”, and it was a complaint against the membership of an Autism Mercury group on Yahoo. From what I could tell, he basically went to town on them for not doing enough to spread the word about their view re mercury. The result was that they were labelled cowards in effect.

This is Best at his predictable bullying worst. If anyone – even those on his side – don’t carry his can, he kicks them as hard as he can, even when they’re down. He has a one track mind and is completely incapable of being rational. Any other method of fighting his battle is just the same as supporting Big Pharma.

The reality is that mercury has nothing to do with Autism. Nothing. It’s existence goes to before thiomersal, dental amalgams and mining – as the Wild Boy of Aveyron proves. I just wish there was a way to confirm the anecdotal material that is supposed to exist that proves it existed in Ancient Greece.


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